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Mission Statement: These 13 songs on this album, which are inspired by the Holy Spirit to lead the listener into his Presence, stand as a stirring testimony to the Almighty's powers and promises to transform the lives of His lost and wayward children." Joel 2:25

Kyle Bynoe: "My highest hope for this album, and everything I'm involved in creatively, is that it would give people a greater understanding of what praise and worship truly is, and the reasons why we praise and worship God."

About the Music On ............ KYLE BYNOE AND PRAISE

Kyle Bynoe evaluated all the spiritual songs he composed, sometimes collaborating with song writer Will Smith and picked the cream of the crop to release on this sparkling, uplifting Praise and Worship album creating a collection of songs which are a true blessing to the listener. Using a variety of genres mixed with a Gospel base, the sound and message of these 13 songs are very appealing to praise and worship music lovers who are inspired by catchy, moving memorable melodies, set in musically interesting arrangements, combined with uplifting lyrics and solid vocal harmonies. All these elements bring the creativity, talent, and spirituality of Bynoe, Smith, and the PRAISE ensemble singers into music that glorifies the Lord and offers the listener a praise and worship experience which is a personal blessing, as this reviewer experienced.

There is a song on this album for everyone, and will fulfill the above stated mission for this album. Many of these songs would find a home in various congregations / denominations of Christian believers who enjoy and find inspiration from not only Gospel but also Mainstream Contemporary Praise Music. Even four of the songs would be embraced by more traditional music lovers, because of the beauty of the melodies, the expressive lyrics, and fine harmonies. The music truly brings the listener into the Presence of the Lord, giving a personal insight of what praise and worship truly is, and bring front and center the reasons why we need to worship and praise Him.

This album of songs IS A MUST for your Christian Praise and Worship music section in your collection or library. This CD is the perfect remedy to lifting oneself out of any dour mood or stress of the day or an over busy schedule, into a mindset of thankfulness, worship, and allows one to focus on how great a loving, merciful Savior we have, who alone has the power and desire to transform our lives, even when we are way off track, giving us promises that we can depend on, truly being an anchor to our soul (Hebrews 6:19-20), our hope, and strength in our struggles and our faith walk.

Spiritual Meanings Found in this Collection of Songs......

1) Jesus loves us so much that He gave us another chance when he became our Savior and Lord and He is worthy of our Praise - faithful, powerful, and wonderful.


2) We worship a Holy, merciful Father, who loves us and is ever faithful, always there for us.


3) The Lord is the source of all blessings and is more than willing to be a presence in our lives if we seek and ask Him.



* * * + KING OF GLORY - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith (Vocal arrangements)

A strong favorite of this reviewer, the perfect contemporary praise song to start the album off on a strong note. The introduction to the main melody, immediately grabs the listener with a well blended sound of piano, guitars, drums, and nicely done strings overdub, which offers a subtle support, and doesn't overpower the live music ensemble band inner voices and chordal work. The instrumental composition offers strong chordal support to the strong vocal ensemble, lead by Kyle, which carries the catchy, infectious melody, with great vocal harmonies which get the listener in the mood to praise and worship. Nice build up of dynamics.

Related Scriptural References (John 3:16, Hebrews 9:14, Rev. 5:11-13, and 4: 8, 11 , Ephes. 4:22)


You loved me, from Heaven to Earth, came to show me, how deeply Your love is for me. And now You're a part of me, You gave me another chance, Jesus I worship you.

You gave me another chance, You save me. This brand new life, You gave me. Never once denied me. How grateful I am to you, Jesus I worship you.

Bridge: I am what I am because of your grace, the price has been paid since You took my place, I come to Your Throne, worship You face to face, I bow to only You.

Chorus; And I sing, Holy, I bow to the King of Glory, the only one who's worthy, (only one who is worthy) of honor and majesty, Jesus I worship You. Singing Holy, I bow to the King of Glory, the only one who's worthy, of honor and majesty, Jesus I worship you.


VAMP: You are____so faithful, powerful, and wonderful. I give you my whole heart. For there is no one greater, Greater than You! (Repeat)

* * * WE BLESS YOU LORD ALWAYS - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Another well-done praise song, well-suited for a group worship situation or private fellowship with the Lord.

Lead vocals - India Robinson //////// Worship leader: Kyle Bynoe

The introduction grabs the listener's attention, as various instruments imitate the coming of the Holy Spirit, as Kyle encourages all to praise and honor the Lord. Sound is slightly dissonant, in a minor key, interesting guitar slide? Rumblings from other instruments add a dramatic flair.

Main body of the song has all the elements of a strong, effective, contemporary praise song which inspires the congregation to forget about personal thoughts and struggles in their own lives and to worship the Lord. One finds an upbeat, enjoyable, catchy melody which is easy to remember, perfectly matched to the meaningful yet simple lyrics, with vocals which in well-composed harmony clearly express the message and sprit of this song. Composition is solid, again making good use of dynamics to bring color and umph to the performance!

Related Scriptural References (1st Thes. 5:16, Hebrews 10:19-23, Psalm 48)


Chorus: We bless you, Lord always. We give you the highest praise. Giving all honor unto Your name. We bless you Lord always. (Repeat)

Holy God there is none like You. Wonderful Father, We're gonna worship, We're gonna worship You

(India Robinson) As we enter into Your presence Lord. With one purpose in mind. And on one accord. We bow before the One we adore. The only One that is holy. And deserves all the glory. Chorus

Hook: Bless your name always, Bless your name forever and ever. Bless your name always. We've come to worship you Lord. (Repeat 2)

Oh.......We bless you Lord.......

* * * MAGNIFY THE LORD - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Lead vocals: Ni-keland Nickolas

Brazilian beat and style, and horns adds zing and color to this snappy, lively praise song, performed with zest and spirit! This joyous, dynamic composition with its lively beat and catchy melody, crisp, clear vocals, the usual nice harmonies brought to life by the full ensemble sound will lift your spirits and get you dancing around the room!

Related Scriptural References(Psalm 103, 134, Hebrews 10: 19-23)


Chorus 1: Come on and magnify Him. Lift your voice, lift Him higher, Lift your hands for He desires all of the praise. So bless His name, give Him praise.(Repeat)

Chorus 2: So with hands up raised. We give You the praise. For all the things You've done. You're the only Holy One. As we enter into the courts of praise, We seek to worship You face to face. (Repeat)

Chorus 1 (repeat) , Chorus 2 (repeat)

We magnify, we glorify the Lord. We lift Him high. The only Holy One.

* * * WE SING - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe

Vocal Leader: Kyle Bynoe

Another strong song praising Jesus, bringing out our need for our Lord and Savior. The Caribbean/ Jamaican laid back musical style & rhythm of both the vocals and musical accompaniment makes it another interesting musical vehicle for another uniquely different praise song performance! Snazzy introduction sparkles with percussion, horns, and guitar which make the syncopated rhythm sound easy to play (I know better It's not easy). The counter melodies throughout offer several nice rhythms they also give support to the melody and vocals.

Again, great melody, full harmonies, and interesting vocal styles which gives the song a Jamaican flavor, but the diction is very clear! Kyle knows how to use dynamics very well and there is a nice composition build up.

Related Scriptural References (John 3:16, Psalm 18:1-3, Romans 15:13, Phil 4:7)


We sing Jehovah rapha my healer. We sing Lord jira, yes my provider. We sing the holy righteous One, begotten Son, You rose the third day, that's why I can say.

Chorus: Hallelujah! Give praises to Jesus. (Repeat)

I hunger and thirst, For your glory oh Lord. And I hunger and thirst For Your righteousness. The joy of the Lord is my strength. The peace of the Lord surrounds me. Chorus.

Bridge: He sent his Word to heal me. He gave me power to get wealth. I'm filled with His spirit. I'm filled with His love. I'm living in prosperity.

Hook: I just want to lift my hands in praise, Shout Hallelujah! All glory to You!

* * * + + AWESOME GOD - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Favorite praise song of this reviewer. An irresistible melody with a snappy drum beat and tight musical ensemble of live keyboard, nice inner voices of guitar, bass, and drums keeps this lively praise song cooking along. Spirited vocals carry the melody and drive the message of praise with much enthusiasm to the listener, making it impossible not to sing along as well! Interesting 1/2 step harmonic progression in ensemble vocals in the Hook. Song is perfect for group worship as its lyrics are easy to remember, yet powerful in the Spirit of praise and worship. It's qualities transcend Gospel praise genre and would also be well received in other denominations as a contemporary praise and worship song.

Related Scriptural References (John 1: 1-5, Col. 1: 16B-18, Phil. 2:9-11, Hebrews 2:9)


We've come to worship you Lord, Awesome God. We've come to worship you Lord, Awesome God.

We lift our hand we give You the glory. We sing Your praise for You are so holy. We bow before, the only One worthy, Forever and ever and ever, we give You.

Worship you Lord, Awesome God. We've come to worship you Lord, Awesome God.

Emanuel, Prince of peace. Councilor, He's the King of Kings. The great I am, the Word of God, Forever and ever and ever.

We give You worship You Lord, Awesome God. We've come to worship you Lord, Awesome God.

Hook: We worship, we worship, we worship .....Forever and ever and ever. Worship, we worship, we worship Lord we worship You.

* * * ++TOUCH - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe, Arranged by Kyle Bynoe & Kevin Dean

A prayer hymn/ballad of both praise and intercession, asking the Lord to touch the world, reach out to those who don't know Him, to work in their lives.

Favorite worship song of this reviewer. Has universal appeal - Everyone should love this entry! Absolutely beautiful, haunting melody, is the perfect match to the poignant lyrics, sweet, heartfelt vocals of Tiffany and Kyle Bynoe and ensemble singers. Each sings alone and also sings in lovely harmony together.

Moving accompaniment of acoustic guitar and keyboard help carry the melody, as well as offer fine counter melodies as well. A nice background instrument arrangement by Indie Robinson, lightly supports (not overwhelms) this masterpiece during second half of song. Great use of dynamics throughout the composition. Vocal ensemble work is well done and supportive of main vocals. (If one listens really carefully, the listener can hear the voices of Kyle Bynoe Jr. and Gabrielle Bynoe in the ensemble chorus toward the end of the song)

Related Scriptural References (Psalm 136, Psalm 91 :1-2, John 8:12 & 4:13-14)


Kyle: I feel the weight of Your Glory, I can feel the wind from your breath. I can see the mist of Your Presence. Face to face here inside Your rest.

Chorus: (Kyle & Tiffany together): Touch the world let me see, Your marvelous wonders, Your excellent deeds, Your super natural miracle power, They need to see You now.

Tiffany: I can hear Your voice when You're speaking. I can hear the sound of Your heart. Your love is like the water that fills the ocean, And I'm a stream that will never part.

Chorus: Everyone

Hook: In Your presence there is fullness of joy. In Your presence they're forever more.

Touch the world, Touch the world, Touch the world, Touch the world, they need to see you now.

* * * + I WILL - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe

A praise song that offers ways to give honor and glory and show our love to our Lord. Another song that would do well in any contemporary service.

Another strong favorite of this reviewer. Easy beat, catchy melodies, meaningful yet simple lyrics, strong harmonies, spirited vocals, and a musically interesting composition all come together to create a song which truly leads the listener into the full spirit of praise and worship, as it would any group of people.

Related Scriptural References(Hebrews 13:15-16, Matt. 6:24 & 6:33, Ephesians 5:1-2, Rev. 4:8, Phil. 2:9-11)


I will give You the glory. I will give You the honor due Your Name. I will bless You forever. Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will, Oh! I will sing Your praises, I will declare your glory on this earth. I will bow down and sing holy. Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will, yes I will, oh!

I will give You the praise. Yes I will. Oh Yes I will. Give You the glory, yes I will, yes I will, oh!

I will sing Your praises. I will sing of Your mercy and Your grace. No other god before you (Deut. 6:14)Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will, yes I will, oh!

I will always say thank you (1 Thess.5:16-18). I will always be thankful unto You. I will serve You forever, yes I will, yes I will.

I will worship You Father, I will open my heart and offer You my love and affection. Yes I will, yes I will.

Change to 2nd melody:

I will give You the glory and honor, worship and praise, dominion and power, We bow to Your Name. You're King of all Kings, and Lord of the throne. Oh Father we worship, You lift Your Name on high!.......

Hook: I will give You the glory and honor. We love You Father. Lord we worship You! I will, worship You! I will, serve You forever. I will, give You the honor. I will, trust in You Father. I will, reverence Your presence. Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will, yes I will.

I will, forever and ever, give You glory and honor.

* * ++ SHABAK - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

An enthusiastic effort that celebrates all the wonderful qualities of our Lord and expresses how thankful and appreciative we are to have Him love us with all his qualities.

Another great Brazilian style praise song, syncopated rhythm of percussion and high ensemble work of band carries the melody and spirit of the song, being an excellent support to the spirited vocals, which all bring this praise song to life for the listener. This is another song that will get the listener dancing around the round praising the Lord!

Related Scriptural References(Psalm 103, 134, Hebrews 10: 19-23, Rev.4:10-11, Romans 10: 8-10))


Enter Your courts with praise. Magnify Your Holy Name. We touch Your face with our worship O Lord. We bow before Your throne. Let your latter rain be known. We declare your kingdom among nations O, Lord.

Bridge:Glorious, Holiness, Wonderful, Victorious. Majesty, Mighty...We declare your glory singing.

Chorus: Shabak, Hallelujah ...Tahila, we give you honor and praise. Repeat.

* * * + + TIMES OF REFRESHING - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Lead vocals: Tiffany Bynoe

Second favorite worship song of this reviewer on the CD, which engulfs the listener with an absolutely lovely, flowing melody, heart-felt vocals, which express so well a meaningful lyrical love letter to the Lord, and offers an invitation to find renewal and peace through the worship and prayer experience. Usual great harmonies by ensemble, with a very nice buildup in dynamics and composition. Vocals and melody are well supported and carried by piano, acoustic guitar, and light strings, with background chord support of electric guitar.

Another praise and worship song that would be appreciated in any denominational service of Christians.

Related Scriptural References (Ephesians 3:16-18, Romans 8:38 & 12:2, Ephesians 4:22-23, 2nd Cor. 5:17)


Times of refreshing Comes from the presence of the Lord (repeat 4 x) So come and enter in.

You are restored, you are renewed. You are changed in the presence of the Lord. You are touched. You are healed. You are consumed in the presence of the Lord.

Bridge: Refreshed. Holy Consumed in the glory of the Lord. (Nice full harmony in ensemble voices)

Hook: Consumed in his presence. Refreshed in his presence. Healed in his presence.

* * * SO GOOD - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Lead vocals shared by Kyle Bynoe and Ni-keland Nickolas

An inspiring Urban, Contemporary Gospel praise and worship song created in Kyle's unique style of composing, with the help of Will Smith, which is true to form; never jarring, but always a musical treat to listen and absorb and praise the Lord with! The spirit and feel of the song begins immediately in the musical introduction, with a cooking rhythm, thanks to the exactness of the musicians, offering an intro to the main melody and rhythm. Song features a more modern melody, carried by the lead vocals, and vocal harmonies performed by the ensemble, to go along with the counter beat and voices of the accompaniment. Electric guitar and keyboard cooks out neat, tight little counter melodies / rhythms, which blend nicely into the sound of the song!

In the Bridge: Listen for well done 1/2 step intervals by vocal harmonies which build dynamically, the perfect crescendo which leads to the chorus.

Related Scriptural References(Hebrews 13:5-6, 1 John 4:19, 1st Thes 5:16-18, Phil. 4:4, Psalm 24)


I just wanna lift my hands and thank ya. For the brand new mercies everyday I see. I just want to tell you, how much I love ya. For you are always there with me.

I look back over my life and I wonder, How I made it, I made it through. Those times I should have done right. But went wrong I'm sorry, Should have chose you.

Bridge: You're wonderful, you're marvelous, You're excellent, You're glorious. I love You, I adore You, I'll serve You for the rest of my life...

Chorus: You've been, You've been so good to me. You've been, You've been so good to me.

Repeat all.

Hook: I thank you always, I praise you always, there's none like You in all the earth.

* * * +WORSHIP YOU - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

A well-done heartfelt, dynamic Traditional/Contemporary Gospel worship hymn, sung with great feeling by Ni-keland Nickolas, backed up by the always fabulous ensemble. Great lyrics express the message of the song clearly.

Related Scriptural References: (Psalm 46:1, John 10:27-30, 1 John 4:19, Romans 8:28, Psalm 115:1)


I will always worship You Lord. You're my present help, when I'm going through. No matter how hard it seems. You showed me what true love means. Always there to pick me up again.

I will always worship You Lord. The deepest part of communion with You. I think about Your goodness and all that You've brought me through. When I lift my hands it brings me closer to You.

Through all of my trials You've never let me go. As I seek Your face in worship, the anointing Destroys every yoke.

I love you. I need You. I give You sincere praise. And I will always worship You all of my days........

* * *+ LET US COME- Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Lead Vocals: Tiffany Bynoe

Another moving worship Gospel hymn that would find an audience in other denominations of Christians. Nice combination of piano, acoustic guitar, single violin dub, creating a delicate to strongly supportive accompaniment. Again, the memorable melody and lyrics are brought to life by lead vocalist Tiffany and the ensemble. Pretty harmonies and appropriate dynamics enhance the spirit and feeling of this performance.

Related Scriptural References (Matt. 6:33, Ephesians 4:22, 2nd Cor. 5:17, Ephesians 3:16-18, 2 Cor. 12:9)


Chorus 1: Let us come and worship Him. O, Let us come and worship Him. Let us come and worship Him. O come let's enter in.

In your presence Lord, I'm brand new. In Your presence Lord, I'm seeking You. In You there is everything I need. So come lets enter in.

Chorus 2: Let us bow down before You Lord. We're standing here in awe. In Your glory we're consumed. (Repeat)

Chorus 1, then Chorus 2.

Bridge: In Your glory we're consumed. In Your glory we're consumed. In Your glory we're consumed.

Chorus 1:

Hook: (Sweet voice of Tiffany) Ohh I love You, love you, love you Lord (repeat with ensemble).

I worship You in the beauty, Your Holiness, I worship You now.

* * * PRAISE - Words and music by Kyle Bynoe and Will Smith

Great way to end the Album! This Modern Gospel Praise Choral Benediction gives the listener one more opportunity to praise the Lord, summing up nicely from the entries listed above.

Lyrical Samples:

Beginning: Oh Lord, I lift Your name on high. I give You everything I have inside. You are the mightiest. You are awesomeness. You are majesty. You're Lord of the lords. Let's praise..............

Ending: We want to thank you for Your love, We want to thank you for Your mercy and grace. We give You praise, WE magnify Your name. We'll worship You Lord for the rest of our days. We give You the glory, All of the glory. We worship You and give You all the praise.

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