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Mission Statement: "I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back." (Chorus from hymn, I HAVE DECIDED, found on HOUSE OF PRAISE)

"There is a desperate need for the psalmists of our day to write songs for the Body of Christ. We need anointed songs that will strengthen the Body, for it is the Body of Christ, the church, that is ultimately going to win the world. These songs were designed to elicit interaction, displaying different aspects of praise and worship with the purpose of engaging people's interest and participation through a variety different styles." - Carman

More About Carman and his Music Ministry for Christ

"For over 26 years, Carman has entertained, encouraged and preached the Gospel to millions-crossing denominational, cultural and ethnic lines. During this time, he has never compromised the call to take the Gospel to every person. This vision still remains the hallmark of his life and ministry. "

Carman's Christian Music ministry has taken a variety of forms, connecting with a variety of media venues, used in conjunction with more traditional ways of reaching people; concerts, tours and album releases. Carman, armed with a strong faith on the faithfulness of the Lord, empowered by the Holy Spirit, has stepped out in faith willing to use his known gifts and the abilities he didn't knew he had to create a more and more effective ministry. (See Bio)

His total dedication to Jesus is seen in whatever he does with positive enthusiasm, good humor, propelled by his friendly, warm personality. To the best of his ability and musical gifts, Carman truly has pressed on to take hold of that which Jesus had taken a hold of him for in the first place, like the Apostle Paul (Philippians 3:12-14); a strong Christian evangelical music ministry, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those who need Him.


TBN Series

His newest project in TV is TBN Monday night Show, taped in Florida. Carman expresses the success of the show.

"I want to let you know that the TBN Monday nights in Miami have turned into a tremendous success. The highest ratings, the most laughs, great ministry and guests you hardly ever see on Christian television. The last Monday night of every month has turned into a Holy Ghost Party on TBN"

Carman has used the internet effectively for Christ through his Some sections of his web-site have a online video to watch, which strengthens his message planned for each web-page on his site.

Sharing his Faith, encouraging others to take a stand for Christ: Most impressive is his Statement of Faith Altar Call video, found in his Lift Your Faith section, under the heading, A Personal Word, which was taped at one of his concerts, for the benefit of both the live audience and the audience watching the T.V. show and his web-site as well.

Developing a Prayer Life: To help people's faith grow through prayer, and develop skills in intercessory pray, Carman has organized a global prayer chain, where people can send in their prayer requests and then post answers to prayer. Or, people can volunteer to pray for others in need.

Teaching the Word: 1) - Video on Faith by using the Word.

2) He has put together 365 different audio devotions, one for each day of the year. An example which can be found on his web-site, is quoted below, a great example of his evangelical gift of expressing his thoughts.

A devotion inspired by Dr. Robb Thompson's verbal expressions on an episode of TBN Monday show, a program mentioned above:

Carman: "Why it’s important to have 4 crazy friends? The people who punched a hole through the ceiling to let down their sick friend to be in front of Jesus were valuable friends to have. They had the faith the sick friend didn’t. They had the strength, the tenacity and the hope that is hard to find when your flat on your back, physically and emotionally. Friends can believe for you, have faith for you and pray when you can’t find the words of hope. They can get you in front of Jesus so he can get you up and going again. My word to you is this, sometimes that “flat on your back” experience happens to us all. But keep those friends around...Jesus will reward their faith and you’ll be up and going in no time as well. I got my 4...Need’em all the you have your 4? Keep lookin'. They're’re there! Look around."

Being Involved in Ministry: Through his web-site, people also have the opportunity to contribute financially for the various aspects of mission sponsored by Carman Ministries. All funds donated help pay for these outreach events and most importantly are an investment in the souls of people. Carman's ministries specializes in taking the Gospel to places where it would normally never show up. Seventy people, along with Carman, make these events possible, giving their lives as an offering to God in these endeavors.

Carman Ministries

Drama Group in Action

Another active part of Carman's dedication to Jesus Christ are his many tours / events he's participated in the United States and abroad as well. He uses a variety of artistic forms, along with his music. A Dramatic Dancing group illustrate some of his songs, which adds another dimension to the concert. Extras such as dramatic lighting and pyrotechnics, also add some sparks to the tour performances.

Some of these outreach ministries/ events which took place in the United States and around the world, were talked about on a video that can be seen on the first page seen on his web-site. Below is a summary of outreach ministries and events talked about on the video.

United States Events-

During Spring Break in Daytona, Florida, Carman and his support team set up on a stage between playboy and MTV, and reached many young people through the Gospel in the music performed in Carman's own unique type of Christian music concert.

Carman Ministries attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans, setting up on Canal Street, offering the Gospel through music to many who needed to hear the good news.

Carman Ministries traveled to the dangerous Fort Apache, the Bronx during a volatile time of gang unrest. Accompanied by 200 police, Carman and his troop changed hearts for Christ, including some policemen through their music ministry.

The largest Christian concert in history happened in Dallas Texas Stadium, where 72,130 people participated and 5,000 accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

World Ministry -

Carman Ministries was involved with Feed the Children in Kenya, Nairobi, providing food for starving children.

Carman Ministries traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and filled Cricket Stadium with 50,000 young people for the stadium's first Christian music concert, where the audience praised and worshipped God and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Even Nelson Mandela couldn't stay away as he had to witness this amazing sight.

Carman Ministries has also traveled to Barbados and performed in the pouring rain, where many people answered the altar call, with umbrellas in hand.

Carman Ministries next world outreach project is a planned trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, during Carnival 2004. Carman's mission statement for this Christian music outreach: "People who have never felt the presence of the Lord in their lives will for the first time, worship the Lord and come to know Him as their personal Savior."

As anyone can see, Carman lives and steps out in faith, running the race that the Lord has laid out for him, (Hebrews 6:10-12 & Phil. 3: 13,14) as Carman has embraced his servanthood in a relationship with Jesus.

Carman explains, "Ministry does not stop when you walk off the stage. We've seen over 1 million people receive Christ at our concerts. What we are seeing is a principle at work. Jesus said, 'If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.' The principle is to lift up Jesus. HE draws them to himself. If we try to lift ourselves up to draw them in, it doesn't work. But when you create something that is a musical offering, that has the fire of God in it, is is going to draw a non-Christian audience. They are in need and they are hungry and the Spirit of God draws them in. So I am comfortable appealing to the lost. And I am comfortable seeing lost people get saved every night."

"I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back."

About His Music Found On HOUSE OF PRAISE...

Carman's music has always been the vehicle, the anchor of his Christian ministry for Jesus Christ, a calling he has been actively pursuing since that memorable Andrew Crouch concert where he gave his life to Christ, becoming a faithful servant, and promoting Jesus in a variety of ways, bringing the gospel to as many people as the opportunities present themselves.

Carman explains, "There is something for everyone. That has been the purpose of my music all along; To do something that would engage the entire Body of Christ, and the family, because my audience has always been a family audience. It has been my purpose from the beginning to do songs that would unite generations and denominations."

The purpose of this musical collection "runs like a river throughout the entire album." Carman expresses this purpose so well: "To elicit interaction, displaying different aspects of praise and worship with the purpose of engaging people's interest and participation through a variety different styles."

Besides being a talented songwriter and singer, Carman is a gifted stage performer, and effortlessly can deliver a variety of musical styles uniquely in his own way, much to the entertainment and spiritual benefit of the listener, which carries over to the CD listening experience as well. He is a Christian artist whose total performance offers his audience a wonderful way to musically hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through a variety of different styles of praise and worship music, from lively to serene, from Hip Hop to traditional with a few Carman ballads in between. The total musical offering is quite a soul feeding, spirit-filled entertaining collection of diverse songs, something for everyone's taste in Christian music.

All the songs, which were designed for audience interaction, are described as "intense, joyful and relentlessly enthusiastic," propelled by the talent and the just right delivery of Carman, uniquely presented on the CD through the way the music was recorded.

"House of Praise is a unique recording because it merges the energy and excitement of a live Carman concert with world class studio musicianship. As a result, House of Praise has the precision and production values of a conventional studio recording, with the infectious fun of a live concert."

Looking for a way to capture the enthusiasm of a live concert without the annoying, distracting sounds inevitably picked up from a live performance, Carman came up with the idea of recording the songs in studio, and adding the interaction. Carman explains,"We got people in the studio and put headphones on them and recorded them separately. That way their responses would mix into the track like it was a background vocal. You get the high quality sound of a studio album, but you also have the excitement and interaction of a live album."

This reviewer was truly blessed by this latest, phenomenal musical offering so well put together by Carman and his support crew, which brings the joyful hope we have in Jesus so well to the listener, sure to bolster the listener's faith walk and spiritual attitude in a fun, enthusiastic way, with songs that feed the soul, improve the heart attitude and entertain at the same time. HOUSE OF PRAISE is a must for any Christian music CD collection.

Spiritual Themes Found in These Songs:

Carman explains, "Every song reveals a different truth, just as the Spirit of the Lord is there to do different things. Every song has a different avenue of healing to the soul and spirit. Some songs make you want to deepen your walk with the Lord. Some make you want to be more committed. Some make you want to worship. There are songs that introduce the audience to what the evening is all about, and some are great songs to end the night in celebration."

1) Lord is a faithful source of help, love, endurance, healing, & support:


2) Carman's thoughts on 911 -

THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE. (Song was written a few weeks after 911 attack)

3) Praising the Lord for all that He is / has been and will always be:


4) Jesus, lamb of God loves us and accepts us as we are, when we accept Him as Lord and Savior.


5) Following Jesus is a commitment, a way of life, a walk of faith that the Lord will help and direct our steps.


Review of Individual Songs on HOUSE OF PRAISE....

* * * GOOD TO ME - Word and Music by Carman

A strong favorite of this reviewer. Rousing, Caribbean - flavored, praise composition starts this CD off with an infectious spirit of joy and thanksgiving. A multi-generational crowd pleaser, with a catchy melody, enthusiastic, easy beat and Carman's unique vocal delivery, all which will get one out of the most dour mood into a state of thankfulness and praise. Strong support of choir, nice instrumentation, well composed, using horns, bongos, guitars, Caribbean tin drums, piano, which offer nice counter melodies throughout the song. Carman knows how to use dynamics in his music, and slowly builds vocal and instrumental sound throughout his songs.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 145 & 19, John 4:19, Romans 8:38, Ephesians 3:16-18, 1 Peter 5:7)


Spoken: We serve a good God here today. Has He been good to you today? Is He good all of the time? Let me tell you a little bit about Him.

1) You see. He is Master, Savior, coming King and He is good to me. A creator of everything, He is good to me. And when I'm down, feeling low, There is somewhere I know I can go.

Chorus: He's good, He's good, He's good all the time. He healed my body and He healed my mind. No better friend you will ever find, He's good to me.

I believe He's King of Glory, the Lord of all, He's good to me. My redeemer when I fall, He's good to me. And when I'm down, feeling low. There is somewhere, I know I can go ....Chorus

* * * HOUSE OF PRAISE - Words & Music by Carman

Sizzling Urban - hip hop title song performed in Carman's zinging style, with his unique vocal talent and delivery, inspired harmonious choral back-ups, ranging from ensembles to full choir sound, with interesting dynamics and rhythm. Supportive instrumentation offers strong, exact syncopation, which supports the beat and is a kind of counter melody for the melody carried by the vocals. Bridge offers 1/2 step intervals segues in urban style vocals into final round of verse, growing in sound and volume.

Scriptural References: (1 Thess. 5:16-18, Psalm 25:7-10, Psalm 146, John 14:16-18)


It's all over the floor, It's all up in the walls, It's fallin' from the ceiling. Down upon us all.

He's coming to anoint, He's coming to amaze, Comin' now to let us know, that we are in the House of Praise.

Praise Him, Praise Him, We are in the House of Praise, Praise, Praise Praise.... repeat

But that's not all, There's more inside, We've got more praise to give, Starting with the number 5, 4, 3, 2, For the victory He's "one."

(2nd time through) Come on choir, help me sing it.

Bridge: Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him... We are in the House of Praise

* * * JUST AS I AM - Written by Charlotte Elliott & William Bradbury, Arranged by Carman

Lovely, spiritual worship song which combines the solemn chorus of the hymn, JUST AS I AM, with a touching, well-spoken statement of what Jesus did for us on the cross and gives us salvation freely as a gift because He love us, no matter our faults. Song starts simply and builds, with a lovely female vocal, supported nicely with soft guitar, piano and some strings. Carman's heartfelt spoken words effectively bring the song's message to life. Music composition slowly, effectively builds throughout the song. Composition flows nicely in 3/4 meter, and builds a spirit of worship in the listener. Grand dynamic finale with full vocals of choir, nice blend of orchestra & band,Carman and the listener, who by this time will be worshiping along with the song.

Scriptural References: (John 3:16, Ephesians 2:4-7, Romans 5:8 & 7:15-25)


Chorus: Just as I am, without one plea, But that Thy blood was shed for me. And that Thou bidst me come to Thee. Oh Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Spoken Words: Lord You said in Your Word that while we were yet sinners. You came and You died for us. You didn't wait for any of us to get our act cleaned up.

For You were the cleaning up of our act.

So that's why I say to You now, just as I am. Without any excuses, no deals, no pleas, wholly on Your merits alone because Your blood was shed for me. And the spirit of God is drawing, bidding me.

O Lamb, not just the sacrificial lamb that would cover but the one from God who takes sin away. O Lamb of God I come just as I am.

(Spoken) And Lord just like you reached Your hand out to Peter and said come to me. Lord, I come.

* * * MY PLEDGE - Words & Music by Carman -

A strong favorite of this reviewer. Fine melody and memorable lyrics and dynamic composition brought to life by effective vocals all comes together to lift the spirit in worship. Nice, solemn introduction with strings, synthesizer with keyboard playing light 16th note pattern. Musical accompaniment of a guitar, keyboards and light strings offers delicate support of the beautiful melody and offers a counter melody which enhances the song. Carman sings the verses first, then nicely leads the choir (full harmony) and listener, as the song grows in dynamics 2nd time through,which are not overpowering but very supportive of the spirit of the song. Song softens in volume at the end.

Scriptural References: (Hebrews 13:15-16, Ephesians 4:22 & 5:1-2, 2nd Co. 9:7-8)


All of my life is a gift, that I can give You. All of my life now is Yours, whole and complete. All of my hopes and my plans, carefully lay in Your Hands.

Right or wrong, the past is gone. The pain was strong, the road was long. But now I'm on a whole new avenue. Now I see new hope for me, A picture of eternity, Going where I've never been. A brand new chance to start again.

* * * OVERCOMIN' CHILD OF GOD - Words and Music by Carman

A fun, entertaining song which can be described as a unique combination of laid back, cool blues, mixed with a bit of soul and roof-raising gospel as well (Bridge & Chorus), expertly all presented by Carman. He not only has a lot of fun in his expressive delivery of the lyrics, but also very effectively delivers a serious message about standing firm, following the path of ministry which the Lord leads us on, such as sharing the Gospel with others, despite opposition that inevitably presents itself sooner or later. Nice contrast between the verses and the chorus, which is foot-stomping, spirit pumping gospel at its best!

Scriptural References: (1 Peter 4:11, Phil. 4:13-14, Romans 5:1-5, Hebrews 10:32-39, Rev. 14:12-13)


All my friends been wondering. Where my future lies. Since I took my stand for Christ. And gave Him my life. You see they're wondering just what's in store. Since I've quote, you know, found the way. That's when the Lord stirs up my soul. And I quite clearly say....

Chorus: I'm growing up to be born again, blood washed, spirit filled, Testifying child of the King. I'm going to praise Him in the morning, through the afternoon, 'til night. And then I'll dream about witnessing. I'm gonna walk and talk and act like Jesus. Though I may get feathered and tarred. The world may try and stop my mission, but I'll grow with opposition. Cause I'm an overcomin' Child of God.

* (Reviewer's favorite Carman verse) The expressions on their faces change every single time. You know the looks they give are priceless, But so this Holy Ghost look on mine.

You see now God wants us to share the Lord, right? Isn't that our Christian task. So when someone says, "Hey what's happening, man?" I say, "Brother, I never thought you'd ask." Chorus

Bridge: Well I'm proud to be living for Jesus. Proud to be a Bible thumpin', pew jumpin', Jesus lovin', devil shovin', Blood bought, red hot, soul redeemin', shoutin', screamin' ....... chorus

(With great spirit) Cause I'm a Bible totin', scripture quotin', sin defacin', devil chasin', chorus hummin', guitar strummin', gospel preachin', soul searchin', overcomin' Child of God.

* * * + ALWAYS WILL - Words and Music by Carman

This reviewer's favorite song on the CD. An absolutely well-composed, uplifting and comforting ballad, the type of song that Carman is well known for singing / writing. Vocals are strong and expressive, and the lyrics speak to the listener of God's faithfulness, a dependable friend during the rough times when we remember to turn to Him.

Wonderful melody flows along with dotted quarter and eighth note rhythm, with fine broken chord guitar work, piano / keyboards and a delicate contribution of strings, which doesn't take over the total sound, but adds color to the song. * Back up vocals have lovely harmonies, which grow and expand nicely in the composition. The usual great use of dynamics add additional oomph to the total song.

2nd time through, the choir is led by Carman through the song. Harmonies are wonderful, starting with ensemble sound, that grows into a full choir harmonic voices which add so much to the song.

Scriptural References: (Romans 8:38 & 15:13, Ephesians 3:18, John 10: 27-30, 1 Peter 5:7)


I've been alone and I've been forgotten. I know what it feels like to be on the bottom. Nothing to look forward to and nobody there. I've felt the grip of the spirit that takes. Under the ways of depression that makes you Numb to the feeling of hope and you just don't care.

Chorus: Lord I need to hear You say. That You're there for me. That You're with me still. And I need to hear You say. That You're there for me. That You love me and You always will.

Bridge: I know it's not a one way street. And what I need to hear from You, You need to hear from me.


* * * + STAND UP - Words and Music by Carman

Second favorite song of this reviewer from the CD. A fun, energetic, Latin-flavored (Brazilian?) praise song that really cooks with driving horn section with a sax or two, and cooking rhythm sound (guitar & percussion), with Latin guitar and piano playing a subtle counter melody. Total sound has the tendency to grab the listener and inspire dancing around the room, caught up with the infectious beat, energy and joyous message which lifts the spirit and inspires giving thanks and praising the Lord. This is quite a "Praise Party" song, with never a dull moment in the composition, offering a variety of levels of dynamics, nice seques into verses & Bridge that changes in tone and volume. Such composition changes keep it interesting.

Lead vocals and choir are in top notch form, motivating listener participation.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 8 & 9 & 145 & 25:2, 1 Thess. 5:16-18, Phil. 4:4)


Chorus: Stand up! Make a joyful noise, Stand up, here today. Stand up! Make a joyful noise, Stand up give Him praise.

He is the only one. He is the King. He is the only one. He's everything. He is the only one. I wanna sing. Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, Stand up and give Him praise!

(Starts off soft) Bridge: I can't keep it to myself, I can't keep it to myself, I can't keep it to myself, I can't keep it to myself, I wanna shout. I can't keep it to myself, I can't keep it to myself, I can't keep it to myself, I can't keep it to myself, I gotta let this praise come out. Chorus

I've been released from sins of my past. Taken away from my conscience at last, Free at last. Chorus

* * + THIS IS MY BIBLE - Words and Music by Carman

Another fun, stirring, interactive statement of faith song composed in a rock / blues / contemporary style, with the usual great, effective dynamics in both the vocals and music composition. A great song for families, inter-generational audiences. Perfect for a family camp / family worship setting. Carman sings and leads in his unique style the fine choir, creating another great foot stomper, toe tapper in a fun composition.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 119:10, Ephesians 6:13-17, Hebrews 4:12, 1 Peter 1:23-25, 2nd Timothy 3:16)

Lyrics: (Carman speaks the lyrics below before leading the song)

Melody A: This is my Bible (This is my Bible), I am what it says I am, (I am what it says I am), I have what it says I have (I have what it says I have), I'll do what it says I'll do (I'll do what it says I'll do), This is my Bible (This is my Bible), It has given me new life, It is (It is), the Word (the Word) of God.

Melody B: When I'm lost and gone astray, It helps me find my way, When I quote it I will see, the devil has to flee.

* * + THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE - Words and Music by Carman

This stirring, patriotic, emotion-laden song reflects what many Americans felt after the 911 attacks on September 11th, 2001 and what America means to its people. Carman composed this song within weeks after these attacks on America killed 3,000 people, translating his own emotions and feelings into this musical offering, which comforts, encourages and strengthens our resolve to persevere in the war on terror.

Carman comments: "When those planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, they weren't trying to kill Blacks or Jews, or Muslims or Christians. They were trying to kill Americans. It was an attack on America. It had nothing to do with the races. The colors of the red, white and blue represent everyone."

The song begins with some quotes from President Bush made after the attacks. Nice melody, expressive vocals, with the usual great dynamics flowing through the composition.


1) Let nothing separate us, let nothing here divide, Let nothing come between, the bond we have inside. Let the black and white unite, with the yellow and the brown. Together we will stand and fight, until the enemy comes down. Cause I know...

Chorus: The red, the white and blue will last forever. There's nothing that America can't do. I said I'll fight with you and stand together. Somewhere between the red, the white and blue, There's me and you.

2) They may come against us, come from far and wide, We'll not be defeated, because God is on our side. We can't forget the families, the daughters and the sons. We owe them now to make it right, we won't stop until we've won.

Bridge: We will not back down, We will not loose ground, We will never fall, We're America, America

"May God watch over the United States of America" - President Bush

* * * I HAVE DECIDED - Written by Auila Read, Arranged by Carman

This beautiful arrangement of Auila Read's Gospel hymn, is the perfect altar call song to end this wonderful CD. Carman's arrangement does a great job mixing his spoken words of worship testimony with the lovely melody and lyrics so lovingly expressed by Carman and the choir, which calls or reminds the listener to follow Jesus. Very nice musical composition offers fine support for Carman's spoken words, as he gives the listener his personal testimony, a prayer of thanksgiving and a declaration for what Jesus has done for us all.

Scriptural References: (Ephesians 4:22, Romans 5:8 & 12:2, John 14:8, 1 Co. 6:19b-20, Hebrews 6:19-20)


Carman's Spoken Personal Testimony 1: "Lord, only You can truly change a heart. Only You can deliver from bad addictions and hobbies and habits. Lord, it's only through You, Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. That there's eternal life for the soul. That's why I made the decision that I did. And today I can say.....

Chorus: I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, No turning back, no turning back.

Carman's Spoken Personal Testimony 2: "Lord, the same commitment I made to You so many years ago, still stand strong today. For the scripture says that the life of the flesh is in the blood and the wages of sin is death. But one day 2000 years ago You shed Your blood, You gave Your life and You paid the death penalty for my sins on the cross of Calvary and I want to praise You for it. That's why, right now I want to thank You, thank You for being my deliverer, thank You for giving me new life, thank You for making me a new creation in Christ.

And when I look back at what the world has done to me and the cross has done for me, there is no question in my mind, when I say.....

Verse 1: Carman leads the choir - The world behind me, the cross before me, The world behind me, the cross before me, The world behind me, the cross before me, No turning back, no turning back.

Verse 2: Though none go with me, still I will follow, Though none go with me, still I will follow, Though none go with me, still I will follow, No turning back, no turning back.

Carman reads John 6 to end this song, and his CD, HOUSE OF PRAISE.

Music Review by Julie Carr for * * *