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The multi-talented Carman is a Christian music artist / song writer / evangelist / actor who has dominated the Christian Music scene for years with his "story songs." Usually, taken from sermons he has heard, he composes songs that not only teach us a lesson and give us a message, but stick in our heads.

"The purpose of my music is to engage the entire body of Christ, and the family, because my audience has always been a family audience. It has been my purpose from the beginning to do songs that would unite generations and denominations." - Carman

Carman grew up in a close, fun-loving, musical Italian family in Trenton, New Jersey. The Licciardello family was made up of Domenic "R" & Mrs. Licciardello, Carman, Mario and their sister, plus Carman's three dogs, who were supposed to take the place of a baby brother or sister. Carman was 8 and 10 years younger than his brother and sister, and instead of expanding the family with another child, Carman's dad decided that a puppy would be a better source of company. To find out how the idea of one puppy turned into the reality of 3 dogs, visit his Web-Site (photo section)!

Music was a mainstay in the Licciardello family life style, an interest which inspired the musical talent of all. Carman's Mom formed an all girls band in which she played an accordion, and had regular gigs.

Jane McCabe, a fabulous singer and a terrific guitar player from Hawaii, who came over to the states to join Mrs. Licciardello's band, was the one who taught Carman how to play the guitar.

Besides playing the guitar, Carman also played the drums and started singing during his teenage years. As a young man, he started his career playing in clubs and went onto other gigs in other cities, such as Las Vegas.

After experiencing an an "Andrae Crouch" concert, young Carman "gave his life to Jesus Christ and embraced his newfound faith in the living Savior", and has been in His grip ever since, serving Him, being called to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person who needs Him.

After taking 5 years to prepare for the ministry, Carman moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and established his music / outreach ministry, Carman ministries, which in the next 20 years "changed the face of Christian music and evolved contemporary evangelism into what it is today."

Through this non-profit organization, Carman Ministries, well over 1 million people have come to know Christ. Carman's music ministry became wildly successful in the mainstream Christian music industry. Carman has created over 12 albums. In a career that spans more than 25 years, Carman has earned two Platinum records and nine Gold records as well as two Platinum videos and six Gold videos.


Carman As Song & Screenplay Writer and Actor

Carman is not timid about stepping into new areas of ministry, challenging his gifts as a writer, actor and performer. In 1994, Carman stepped out in faith in a new area of ministry, when an idea for a Christian film became a dream, inspired by the lack of Christian entertainment in the movie industry.

Instead of just getting angry and annoyed at the secular movies that feel the need to add bad language, bad morals, bad attitudes, etc., he turned inward and through prayer listened to the voice of God. As is often the case, if one is stirred up about a problem, the Lord often has a plan for that person stirred up to do something about it!

Inspired with a new ministry which included his music, his acting ability, and would require an expansion of his writing ability, all under the guidance of the Lord, Carman sold his Nashville home and moved to Southern California, and took classes in screen writing, to figure out how to turn 6 minute story songs into a 2 hour screenplay, a feat which he would depend on the guidance of the Lord to accomplish.

Besides the writing classes, the Lord sent screenwriters Lee Stanley, Tony Cinciripini, and Tadd Callies to help with the story and dialogue.

After 5 years of writing, planning, making connections, and finally learning how to box through a strenuous training program, the final product was ready to be filmed, under the executive producer, Paul F. Crouch Sr, founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

"Faith Led Him to His Dream"

In the Spring of 2001, Carman: The Champion was released. It tells the story of a godly man, put in an ungodly environment. "Then we watch him struggle to maintain his godliness through the entirety of the movie,"

The plot of the film: "Orlando Leone (Carman) must enter the boxing ring once again. Even though the doctor has advised him against it, he picks up his gloves for one last fight, for his father, for his church, for his love, and for his life." -

Thus, the result of Carman viewing one too many annoying secular films, was the Lord leading Carman to grow in ways he had never envisioned for himself, and to expand his ministry to include other forms of media, that intertwine with music so well. "This Heart of a Champion phenomenon is Carman's new God-given multi-level vision to reach this generation for God. This vision included a novel, movie, double CD and world tour," where 50,000 people packed his "Music for Peace" crusade in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This new vision of an expanded ministry combines a synergetic force of a multi-media experience, while sending the message of the Gospel to the heart of millions, a very effective tool to reach others with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Heart of A Champion

Before the movie's release, Carman released a two disc CD, called Heart of A Champion, originally released 1997 and re- released on October 24, 2000.

In addition to 6 new songs, described as "slick pop with some Latino influence," which were co-written by Carman, 24 of his best Christian music songs that he composed through the years also contribute to the sound track.



House of Praise is "Carman's first all new recording in nearly five years, and his fans will surely agree it was worth the wait. House of Praise is a unique recording because it merges the energy and excitement of a live Carman concert with world class studio musicianship. As a result, House of Praise has the precision and production values of a conventional studio recording, with the infectious fun of a live concert."


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