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Willie Will and his gang are one of the newest Hip Hop, Christian Rap groups to join Beatmart Recordings, coming out of Seattle, Washington. The boys from the hood include Willie Will, Illy Wonka, Yo Majasty, Jazz Digga, Mista Boog-y, Stevel Bay Bay, and Jay Bleezy.

Rapping and music is nothing new to Willie Will. He actually was brought up in a musical family. His mother was in the church choir and his father was in a Gospel group called, "Pop Heavenly and The Heavenly Boyz." Willie and his brothers often performed with their dad. With his father and mother's musical background, it was no surprise when Willie began rapping at the age of 7.

Music was not Willie Will's only influence. He was raised in the church, and his mom was very spiritual. In his younger years, Willie's life was very unbalanced, from moving back and forth from Seattle to Lidenwold, New Jersey. On his website bio, Willie explains, "I come from a family of six kids. My dad couldn't read so he never really had a job. For as long as I can remember my mother worked two jobs just to keep us fed while my dad hustled to get money. We still don't know what he did to get it!"

Following into the unknown, and having little direction, Willie Will started out on the wrong path, following in his father's foot steps, developing his own hustling game. Yikes! Willie even became a parent, having his son in his teens. About a year later, when everything in his past was building up, pushing him toward disaster; it was time for a change, and Willie knew it. Willie offers this testimony on his website bio, "When I was twenty, God got a hold of me in a very real way. That only marked the beginning of a spiritual roller coaster. I knew I wanted to live for God but my actions didn't follow my heart. These last seven years have been a process that has shaped who Willie Will is today."


Before joining Beatmart Recording, Willie Will released 3 independent solo albums, which went over big in the Northwest, and got the attention of Beatmart Recording. These albums were just a start for this talented Hip Hop Christian rap artist. Working with fellow artists in 2006, Willie Will collaborated with two of christian rap music's favorites, DJ Morphiziz and Soul P.

Willie Will
In April of 2007, Willie released his first album with Beatmart, entitled "Reflection", which offers the introspective exploration of his own experiences and life; which will help unbelievers and seekers to find the Lord and to encourage the believers as well in their faith.

Willie Will explains in his website bio about this new style of holy hip hop. "With Reflection, I hope to bring to the forefront a new vein of holy hip-hop - one that brings the lost to the light and edifies the believer at the same time. Christian rap has been extreme since the beginning. Either it's too much God that the unbeliever can't feel it, or God can't be found anywhere in it. There needs to be a middle ground that everyone can feel and in turn be blessed."


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