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Tara Leigh Cobble's Mission Statement: "My mission statement is from John 3:30: 'He must increase, and I must decrease.' My desire is that God will glorify Himself through this music."

More thoughts from Tara Leigh about "The gospel of smallness" (John 3:30).


The life events in Tara Leigh's life which inspired the title song and one of the events that inspired the general themes found in the collection of songs found on her new album, THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS, were the struggles her family were / are having with outside forces determined to take away the family land in the name of progress.

The troubles began when the person who owned the large field between the family homes decided to sell his property. Though the Cobble clan offered to buy the land, the landowner sold the land to industrial interests who built a factory, despite the protests of the family. Then, in Nov. 2004, the County Planning Commission voted to build a 4 lane highway through their property, despite the family's and their friends in Greenville efforts to fight this idea. The Commission is claiming the land by eminent domain and plans to tear down both houses via the wrecking ball, as well as consume the road named for her grandparents, so that the factory can have direct access to transportation.

Tara Leigh shares in her thoughts about all of this in her On-line Journal, about being an activist for others in the same boat as her family. Family land / private snatching via eminent domain to help private business has become a problem nationwide. A case from Connecticut sits in front of the Supreme Court where the city council in one town seized some private land with the hope of giving it to industry, to increase the city's tax base.

"And if the road does get built, I will vote against every political incumbent that passed the plan. It's the principle of the thing: if you vote against my freedom, I will vote against you. I guess I fancy myself a bit of an activist. not in the hippie kind of way, but in the Braveheart kind of way, in the Rosa Parks kind of way. I believe so strongly in freedom, and that is why I believe it is my duty to speak out against those who try to steal my America piece by piece (both literally and figuratively). If you want Communism, move to Cuba. But don't legislate me out of my freedoms. And don't steal my land and call it progress. This is America."

When we as human beings experience hard trials in our lives, how do we respond?

Tara Leigh, who is a "doer" became active in a citizen's group, became resolved to focus on being an activist for those who are captive by sin, and need to know about Jesus and she created this new album, THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS, a source of comfort and encouragement for the listener's own life experiences which can't be stopped with our own efforts.

1) Citizens for Sensible Roads - Tara Leigh in response to it all has to become active in a group called Citizens for Sensible Roads. Tara Leigh explains, "Citizens for Sensible Roads a local organization that fights eminent domain and stealing of private, rural land in order to build highways and interstates in eastern Tennessee."

2) Tara Leigh upon more internal, reflective thinking and prayer about her own spiritual growth, she came to the conclusion that she needed to be a stronger activist for Jesus, expressing her salvation and the salvation He offers to others through her music.

About being an Activist for Jesus.....

"I can preach about constitutional freedoms all day long (as long as we still have the First Amendment), but what about eternal freedoms for those who are captives of sin? I still plan to fight the battle against the road. I still dream of saving my family's land. I still love America (and my .12 gauge shotgun). And maybe this is unfair, but. I don't have a whole lot of tolerance for people who aren't passionate about something bigger than themselves. Personally, I find apathy to be entirely disgusting and selfish. So I guess this is the big wooden board in my eye: I should be a little more disgusted by my barely-flickering passion for the lost. God, help me."

3) Her family's land troubles inspired her new album, THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS.....

The title song, "Things You can't Stop with Your Hands," tells the story in ballad form of the Cobble family's struggle to keep and preserve their land, which so far hasn't ended very happily for them, a loss similar to loss of a loved one, her grandfather.

Tara Leigh used this experience as an inspiration for not only her title song, but also to writes songs about things in our lives that we have not control over, as much as we want to be; things we leave in God's hands, and know He will use these things in His plans for us and others, as He is ultimately in control, and we can depend on Him. Tara Leigh draws from her own experiences in life and what she has learned from other's experiences and has composed a delightful variety of songs sure to encourage and uplift the listener.

Tara Leigh Cobble


This refreshing collection of acoustic, contemporary folk rock songs surely do glorify the Lord as they explore various life experiences with people that Tara Leigh has so wonderfully brought to life through her dynamic vocals and song writing ability; which pairs meaningful lyrics and musical compositions that provide the perfect vehicle for each song and its "thought-provoking message."

The musical compositions, the expressive, dynamic vocals are as impressive as the well-written, expressive lyrics, which do such a good job expressing the message of each song, Tara Leigh style.

One can see why Tara Leigh is an up and coming Christian music artist. Tara Leigh has a very fine, strong voice, always musically appropriate for the variety of songs one finds on this album and a great sense of dynamics. She has the gift of expressing her emotions musically which add to the sad, to poignant, to joyous moods found in her songs.

Her melodies are all uniquely different, and she isn't afraid to compose in a minor key when a sense of sadness, yearning, even protest is found in the lyrical message. A variety of rhythms, from subtle to spunky to cooking match the mood and message of each song. A range of light percussion to cooking drum beats support / compliment the drive or pace of each song, started by the acoustic /electric accompaniment, but never overwhelm the distinctive sound of the compositions, vocals, and lyrical message. One can enjoy the inner voices and melody support offered by the musical ensemble. Donnie Boutwell and Trey Bowles certainly know how to produce acoustic folk rock music, and do a great job showcasing Tara Leigh's unique sound and talent.

An added plus which adds spice and more listening enjoyment is the considerable musical talent found in the musical ensemble of musicians who provide high quality, professional musical accompaniment. The band ensemble includes acoustic / electric/ slide guitar/ bass / double bass guitars, drums / percussion, slap steel, keys, omnicord, accordion, and Dobro, whose sound add mightily to the professional musical accompaniment found in each song, making the songs musically full, emotionally vibrant, and offer terrific support for the fine vocals and lyrics. Acoustic / folk rock music lovers should be in hog heaven. WOW!

Tara Leigh shares with ChristianMusic.com how she writes her music.

"I write mostly with my guitar, but occasionally from the piano. Often the lyrics and the melody come at the same time, and then I build the chord structure around that framework. Probably 90% of my songs are written that way."

10% of her songs come about in other ways, sometimes by "happy accidents." Interestingly, the song "Here's To Hindsight", musically got its start from a guitarist playing around with a guitar rift in his recording booth while waiting to record another song, "Beautiful Drive", for the THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS album.

This guitarist had his earphones on, and didn't realize that the other musicians also waiting could hear him through their earphones. Soon he had some musical company, as the bass joined in, etc., creating music to the point that Donnie hit the record button, and asked Tara Leigh to sing any lyrics that she had in her mind at the time. The song idea which she had already developed, popped up. She went home and finished writing the lyrics, and the rest of the music for the song was written in 15 minutes the next day, and then recorded, live! (Music Section on her Web-Site)

About Tara Leigh's Lyrics - Messages found in her songs on THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS

One finds in this collection of songs a variety of observations about the ups and downs and surprises of everyday life which connect with not only with young people but with the older generation as well.

Tara Leigh lyrically explores the vulnerability / uncertainty of youthful relationships and relationships in general.. One finds in her songs spiritual themes / truths that Tara Leigh has learned from the Lord about her own life experiences and what she has taken in from the experiences of people around her; Things / situations in our lives, both joyous and painful that can't be changed with our hands, which we have little control over.

Part of experiencing human life in this world include not only the unplanned joyful moments that boost the spirit but also inevitable, unexpected changes that are hard to accept and disrupt our plans. The exhilaration, the feelings of overwhelming, glorious love; from other human beings and from the Lord and the painful side of love we experience as well from people who come into our lives are both explored by Tara Leigh.

No one enjoys going through hard trials, losses and disappointments. Who we think is the love of our life may not be so in the future. People we love die. Our plans don't always come out the way we see them. People's attitudes and behaviors, including our own, can't always be influenced. When we are suffering through a painful time, sometimes the Lord seems far away, which is also explored in song. Waiting on the Lord for his timing and his plan isn't easy either, especially if we are eager for events to happen, so we yearn, and wait and pray.

However, most importantly, the album also brings home the theme that no matter how uncertain or painful life becomes, or how many unwanted changes evade our plans, hopes, and dreams, there is a constant, loving Lord Jesus who is always dependable, always a friend, and always a source of strength and comfort, who paid the ultimate price to be our Savior, and is in control of our lives. Romans 8:28

I highly recommend THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS as a must for anyone's Christian music collection, as it will bless the listener on several levels; Musically, lyrically, and spiritually. The songs encourage the listener to appreciate and be thankful for the joyous moments, surprise blessings in our lives, as well as being a source which uplift any sagging discouraged spirit and encourage one's walk with the Lord, even when we experience things we can't stop with our hands.

Individual Song Lyric Evaluation of Spiritual Themes / Truths explored.......

A) The Feelings of Overwhelming, Glorious Love - From other human beings and from the Lord.
"White T Shirt" * "Beautiful Drive" * "Calendars & Maps"

B) The Painful Side of Love:

1) The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love --- "I Wonder"

2) Unrequited Love - "Quiet Love Story"

C) Can't always Change Other People's Behavior and Attitudes - "Every Girl I Know" * "Damage"

D) Hurtful, heartbreaking losses.....

1) In Death of loved ones and loss of something precious - like beautiful land - "Things You Can't Stop WithYour Hands"

2) Getting your heart totally stomped in a failed marriage / love relationship: "Back WhenYou Used To Adore Me"

E) Waiting on the Lord -

1) Waiting for a our dreams, godly life partner, life's yearnings..."Follow"

2) After Talking to the Lord about losses, being hurt and scared.... Waiting on Him. Where are you Lord? - "Hand To Get"

F) Through all our life experiences, the Lord molds us, blesses us, prunes us and grows us spiritually, though we don't know it at the time we are experiencing it - "Here's To Hindsight"

Review of the individual Songs on the CD - THINGS YOU CAN'T STOP WITH YOUR HANDS

Lyrics For Songs: Posted with Permission: All songs copyright, ShrinkingMusic, 2004, except "Hard To Get", copyright Liturgy Legacy Music.

* * * +"White T - Shirt" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

This peppy acoustic rock song starts the CD off with spirit and on a note of joy and thanksgiving for both a love relationship and God's love she sees through creation. Catchy melody and rock beat, strong vocals, great variation in composition using both electric and acoustic guitars, especially in the 2nd verse. Nice counter melodies. Intro begins with maracas / light percussion and electric guitars establishing the beat, along with the beginning melody introduced by the joyful vocals. Rest of ensemble jumps in with enthusiasm in the last stanza before the chorus. Expressive vocals sit nicely on top of the composition. Dynamics build to the chorus. Chorus is a joyous praise of a person in love.

Related Scriptural References (1 John 4:19, Psalm 8 & 118:24)


Baby, put your white t-shirt , all thin and worn and perfect. Grab your jeans and sandals. Let's make the weather worth it. Hike down to the river. Grab the rope, and swing right in.

Chorus: My smiling love, My rugged warrior, You own this heart, I'll keep it for you. My smiling love, My rugged warrior. My smiling love, My rugged warrior.

God, You stun my senses, I wanna drink it all. Appalachia to Montana. I hear Your creation call. Head down to the river. And I'll throw myself right in. Chorus

Bridge: I love everything wild. Give me life untamed. You're the picture of adventure. And You're calling my name.

* * * + + "Beautiful Drive" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

A strong favorite of this reviewer. A praise and worship song with an upbeat, lovely catchy melody and easy rock beat, great use of acoustic guitars, and support ensemble. Tara Leigh's expressive, soaring, dynamic vocals and harmony, especially in the Chorus, really carry the message of joy about God's outreach of love experienced through the glorious scenes of beautiful nature.

Related Scriptural References (Psalm 136:4-9 & 8:3-9, Job 38)


It's like You opened up my book of dreams. To recreate it scene by scene. Out here in reality. And I am so amazed.

Chorus: No slow cars, No stop signs. Just a beautiful drive. No slow cars, No stop signs. Just a beautiful drive.

I'm startled by Your love for me. And all of its enormity. It's like You're reaching through eternity. You're reaching to just kiss my face. Chorus.

Bridge: I wonder what it sounds like when You sing. Maybe this is what it looks like when You sing.


* * * + "Calendars And Maps" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

Another euphoric love song which cooks along nicely, about the state of being in love head over heels with Mr. Right. Another memorable melody, glorious lyrics, and an effective use of vocal styles and dynamics, propelled forward with a light rock beat, lovely acoustic guitar work with electric guitar support (especially during the chorus). One notices very nice counter melody by soft, background keyboards. The Bridge offers a softer tone which builds nicely into the 2nd time through chorus.


Such a strange sensation. Sudden lack of gravity. I cannot hold my balance, When you're standing next to me. But I've got strength for battle, Against calendars and maps, And if you'll say it's worth it all, I'll take the first bus back.

Chorus: Oh, you smell like a candle, Feel like a flame, And all the air is hiding. Smell like a candle, Feel like a flame, And all the air is hiding.... From my lungs, from my lungs.

Your words are like an army , seven times around my heart. I'm crumbling and I'm tangled up. In all of who you are. Cause manliness is tenderness, in a broad-shouldered build, Safety is standing there, In the shoes you fill. Chorus

Bridge: They all want an answer. I won't say a thing. Time won't be our master. Who died and make it king?

Chorus Tag: I can handle anything, Like calendars and maps, And if you'll say it's worth it all, I'll take the first bus back.

The Painful Side of Love....

* * * + + "I Wonder" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

Second favorite song of this reviewer. A worship song, perfect for the Lenten season, with a wonderful, beautiful melody written in a minor key with a nice, intricate, delicate blend of an omnicord / accordion, acoustic guitars, light percussion / bongos, which both support the melody and offer some counter melody. Expressive vocals are the crowning jewel, as they are the perfect vehicle for the thought provoking message, reflecting on Jesus and His love for us, and that he willingly became our sin sacrifice because of His love.

Related Scriptural References (John 3:16, Ephes. 3:16-18, Romans 5:8, Hebrews 9:11-9:22)


Sometimes I wonder how much He knew. Of all the things His love would put Him through. Did He ever pass a tree along His way. And know it was the very tree He'd die upon someday?

Refrain 1: And if He did, did His heart break, Every time He passed it on the street? I wonder if He ever thought, "That tree I made will be....The death of me."

Oh, the irony of His carpentry, Did it serve as a reminder of His legacy? And did He bear it constantly? Building with the nails that tore His body?

Refrain 2: And if He did, did His heart break, Every time the metal broke the beam? I wonder if He ever thought, "A nail like this will be...the death of me."

Well, I may never know what crossed His mind, but there's one more question hanging on inside. Did He ever think of me? Two thousand years somewhere across the sea?

Refrain 3: And if He did, did His heart break, Even though He died so willingly? I wonder if He ever thought, "My love for her will be...the death of me."

* * * "Quiet Love Story" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

Sung only - acappella, soft vocals. Unrequited love - loving someone who doesn't know you exist, who perhaps loves someone else - Yikes a painful situation, having an unspeakable crush on a young man, OR young woman, and then sitting on the feelings, not having the courage to express them - not having confidence or desire to say anything.


This is a quiet love song. I'll sing it in a whisper. Keep it in my pocket. Let it wear a blister. I'll be keeping quiet now, Just love you in my head. You seem busy anyway... Some other girl instead.

This is a quiet love song. I'll sing it in a whisper, just my little secret, My undeveloped picture. Please don't ask about it... I can't say it's you. (Repeat All)

* * * + "Follow" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

A dynamic song about yearned for love, written in a minor key, with a plaintive, memorable melody. A song whose lyrics describe the ideal godly man that a single girl waits patiently for the Lord to send into her life.

Related Scriptural References (Psalm 46:10, Galations 5:22-25, 1 Cor.13)


He is a time-release beauty. He doesn't take your breath at first. But every passing day gets worse, without him, without him, without him. He is easy to follow, never less than wise and strong, but I can love him when he's wrong. I will go, where you go, I will go.

Chorus: Please let me follow, follow, follow. I am here; I am yours. And I will follow.

He is changing me slowly, In ways I always hoped I'd see. I'm finding tenderness in me. This is love, this is love, this is love. (Chorus)

He wants loves that's unfailing, And he is praying to provide, and I could fit there at his side, on his arm, on his arm, in his heart. (Chorus)

* * * + + "Every Girl I Know" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble , back up vocals by Steve Wilson.

Third favorite of this reviewer.- A quieter, smoother song with a stirring, very pretty, sad melody paired with descriptive lyrics, poignant, dynamic vocals - all supported by a lovely acoustic guitar ensemble, very light percussion. Nice interlude between chorus and 2nd verse.

Back up vocals in chorus -

Lyrics tells the sad situation of the universal jerk, a personality type found in every generation, who is unable to love anyone, just use others; specifically girls who fall for his charm and yearn for his love, and seek an unhealthy relationship with this guy, a person who won't change his behavior, who will keep on breaking hearts. (Every parent's nightmare!)

Related Scriptural References (Proverbs 29:1, 27:24, 25 & 12:2, Luke 12:34, Romans 12:2)


Every girl has her fingers crossed. They place their losing bets. Hoping when you said, "I don't love you", You meant, "I don't love you yet." Every girl I know is in love with you. And I know you're well aware. You've got one around each finger... They're your brokenhearted harem.

Chorus: Oh and you... you are Paris with an arrow, And they're Archilles at your call. Oh, and you, you aim just like a marksman, just to watch the maidens fall.

Every girl I know is the finest breed. They're too wise to play the fool. But you breathe into those angels' ears. And they crumble when you woo. Every girl I know isn't what you want. But they make nice "trophy friends." And you wear their love like a pair of shoes. Everyday, you break them in. (Chorus)

Every girl I know is the unwitting root, that feeds your deepest needs. You keep them close, just to sap their strength, 'til they don't have strength to leave. Every girl I know hold to reckless hope, But every heart breaks in the end. And you'll pass the blame, 'cause you made it clear, "honey, we should just be friends."

Tag: You aim just like a marksman. Your aim, you're like a marksman, You're dead on your target, just to watch the maidens fall.

* * * + + "Damage" - - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

Another strong favorite of this reviewer. A peppy acoustic-like rock song which has a nice tight ensemble of electric guitars with some interesting little rifts, broken chords and counter-melodies, with acoustic guitars blended in during parts of the verses, all which propels the catchy melody along, providing great dynamic support for the equally dynamic vocals by Tara Leigh, as the lyrics express the desire to change someone's behavior or actions before damage is done. Unfortunately, people often have to learn the hard way.

Current favorite song on album by Tara Leigh.

Related Scriptural References (Psalm 119:10, John 14:23, Rev. 3:20, Romans 8:26)


I've got answers you would not hear if I told you. You've got truth but wanna bury it inside. I've been down that road a few times in my own car.

Bridge: Change, I wanna change your mind.

Chorus: It's not worth the damage, It's not worth the damage, It's not worth the damage, Change your mind, I wanna change your mind.

You are starving out here, dying in the desert. It's a parasite that's dressed up as a feast. Eating you, my darling, from the inside.

Bridge: Change, I wanna change your mind. (Repeat Chorus)

Hook: You're driving blind now, brother. You take the dead-end, turn around, then take another.

* * * + + "Things You Can't Stop With Your Hands" - Words and Music by Tara Leigh Cobble.

A moving ballad, written in a minor key, which has a memorable melody, propelled by a light rock beat thanks to an interesting percussion mix, and a tight electrical guitar ensemble, playing broken chords and counter melodies. Keyboards join the ensemble at 2nd verse. Enjoyable bluesy electrical guitar rifts throughout the song. Expressive vocals by Tara Leigh carry effectively the grief of the death of loved ones and the protest & mourning at the loss of loved family land to industrial interests.

Related Scriptural References (Romans 8:38, 2nd Cor. 2:9, John 14:2)


I grew up on the edges of a beautiful earth. And my roots grew deep in that gift. And I'd cross the field that led from our house, to the house where my grandparents lived.

Chorus:1 - But change has been running like wind through the fields, some things you can't stop with your hands. And paper and lawyers and banks are still stronger, than anyone's love of the land. Some things you can't stop with your hands.

Now I live in that house where my grandfather died, Ten years ago. He lived there alone, since the day that she passed. And now They've both found their new home.

Chorus 2: But change has been running like wind through our lives. Some things you can't stop with your hands. And time and God are still stronger, Than pain or fear or my plans. Some things you can't stop with your hands.

Bridge: Now there's a field full of memories. It's covered in factory, And I'm not allowed on the ground that they use. I sank my soles into that earth. My blood and my family in the dirt. But now there's no more ground to lose. No, no, no...

Repeat Chorus 2

* * * + "Back When You Used To Adore Me" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble, Guest vocalist Andy Davis.

A mournful Blues-style song in a minor key, carried by acoustic guitars, a slide guitar, and vocals, all which perfectly express the pain of a broken heart from a loss of a love relationship gone sour.

The HOOK expresses the feeling that love is a weakness and its better not to fall in love, which is a natural, hopefully temporary conclusion at the end of a failed relationship, and a person is feeling the devastation of a painful loss.


You are pulling back the line you fed, leaving me your silence instead. Your words were always starting things, That your heart was never finishing. You used to stand so close to me, back when..... \

Chorus 1: You had a heart that I could walk in. You had a wealth of time and love to spend, back when you used to adore me, Back when...

You would bend your time to keep me near. You would break your back to bend my ear. But time has killed the mystery, And your enchantment's vanishing. You used to look so longingly, back when ...

Chorus 2: I never knew you were so fickle. I never knew your heart was in the wind, I wasted years trying to get back to...back when....back when......back when.

Love is such a weakness, It's better not to fall. Love is such a weakness, It's better not to fall. Love is such a weakness, It's better not to fall.(to fall)

* * * + + "Hard To Get" - Words and Music by Rick Mullens.

Heartfelt prayer hymn to Jesus with a beautiful melody, poignant vocals, heartfelt lyrics, which all work together to wrap around the listener's heart, with its meaningful message.- Expresses frustration we feel when we have to wait on the Lord, to answer our prayers, our needs, our distress in waiting on His own timing, in His own way. Tara Leigh does a wonderful job with the vocals, beautifully expressing the lyrics and message of the song. Rich Mullens would be very pleased indeed!

Lovely melody carried / supported by a nice blend of piano, some sort of synthesizer & keyboard work, which nicely floats the song along. Enjoyed the lovely piano accompaniment.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 27:14 & 40, Isaiah 55:8, Rev. 14:12-13, Luke 22:39-45)


You who live in heaven, Hear the prayers of those of us who live on earth, who are afraid of being left by those we love, and who get hardened by the hurt. Do You remember when You lived down here, where we all scrape, To find the faith to ask for daily breath, while You're up there playing hard to get.

You who live in radiance, hear the prayers of those of us who live in skin. We have a love that's not as patient as Yours was, Still we do love now and then. Did You ever know loneliness? Did You ever know need? Do You remember how long a night can get? When You were barely holding on, and Your friends fall asleep, And don't see the blood that's running in Your sweat. Will those who mourn be left uncomforted? While You're up there playing hard to get?

Bridge: And I know You bore our sorrows, And I know You feel our pain, And I know this would not hurt any less, Even if it could be explained. And I am only lashing out , At the One who loves me most. And after I figured this, somehow, What I really want to know...

Is if You who live in eternity, hear the prayers of those of us who live in time? We can't see what's ahead, And we cannot get free from what we've left behind. I'm reeling from these voices that keep screaming in my ears.

All these words of shame and doubt, blame and regret, I can't see how You're leading me, unless You've led me here. Where I'm lost enough to let myself be led, And so You've been here all along I guess, It's just Your ways and You are just plain...hard to get.

* * * + + "Here's To Hindsight" - Words & Music by Tara Leigh Cobble - Back up vocals by Steve Wilson.

Has to be the favorite song of this reviewer on the CD! An energetic, absolutely joyous praise song celebrating how all the puzzle pieces /hard and happy moments in a life fit together, fulfilling the promise found in Romans 8:28. Tara Leigh gives thanks for both these happy times and the blessings in disguise as well in her life; even a breakup with a boy who at the time broke her heart. The lyrics were inspired by a conversation Tara Leigh had with a girlfriend, about how their past experiences helped to somehow bring them to where they are in their lives now, which they realize now through hindsight.

Energy, Rhythm and spirit of the song is kept moving and pumped up very nicely by a spirited guitar ensemble, omnicord / accordion, and bass fiddle, which also offer a strong support to the main melody, carried by strong, joyous vocals. Song begins with a soft, energetic guitar and bass which swells into the chorus with a joyous ensemble of several guitars & omnichord playing with spirit and enthusiasm. Very effective ritard into the Bridge, which picks up again as the song swings back into the joyous chorus.

Related Scriptural References (Romans 8:28, Phil. 2:13, & 4:7)


Here's to Emilio.... Broke my heart years ago. And in the space He left behind, I picked up strings and wrote down lines. Here's to my guitar.... Like therapy for my heart. Drive through the night to scrape and sing, Stage to stage, with faces in between...

Chorus: We'll raise our glasses, To puzzle pieces, And the way they fit together. That we never saw 'til now. Here's to questions. That meet their answers. In the bright light of hindsight. It will all come clear somehow.

Here's to my new-found friends, From out where the highway bends. They built a home in Tennessee, And left a little room for me. Here's to my patchwork world... Piece by piece, became the girl, who lives just three miles form you, The love that I could fall into....(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: And all today's uncertainties, And all of my impatience, Will just be flecks of color, In the picture that He's painting. Chorus

Reviewed by Julie Carr - ChristianMusic.com

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