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Papa San Mission Statement: "I am a Fisher of Men and Music is My Bait."

Papa San has a simple but devout mission and message: "Souls. That's what it's all about. I want to bring as many people as I possibly can to know Christ. God gave me a gift of music, but Christ called us to be 'fishers of men.' but with no line, no hook and no bait, you can't catch anything. My concerts draw many people who might never walk through church doors, and everyone gets the concert they come to hear. But at the end I am going to pray and ask them if they want to know Christ. That's what really matters. I am a fisher of men and music is my bait."

About Papa San.....

Papa San was born with the name, Tyrone Thompson, in Jamaica. He was raised by his grandmother in Spanish Town, a city located just outside of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. While he experienced the hopelessness of a hard life, of grinding poverty and street violence, he also was exposed to the full musical qualities of Reggae music through dance, singing, which was played full blast with the help of P.A's throughout the town on the weekends. The weekends were like block parties, which took away some of the sting of their substandard living conditions, helping the people to forget for a while, trying to escape the hopelessness of their situations.

Besides street Reggae music, artists such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and John Holt, as well as a wide range of American Pop and Rock music artists further influenced the very talented Tyrone, destined to be known as Papa San, the Dancehall King, in his future, as he was to create his own music genre based on the musical elements he was exposed to and his unique musical talents.

Young Tyrone's musical gifts became evident at an early age, and he was singing and creating music at the age of 12, even performing with other artists more than twice his age. While still in his teens, Papa San enjoyed his first break through hit in the mid '80's, which was the beginning of his international success as the leading artist on all of the international dance charts, throughout the '80's and '90's. For Papa San had created his own unique style of Jamaican music, known as Dancehall music, which "put a highly rhythmic and rapped spin on the traditional melodic reggae," made famous by Bob Marley and others.

You may wonder, what exactly is Dancehall music? Papa San explains it this way; "Dancehall is really just a branch off of the Reggae tree. It was first called toasting in the early '70's when artists, who became referred to as DJs, began to put lyrics more to rhythms than melodies. It was built less off the keyboard and more from a hard-core beat. Rap music took a lot of inspiration from Dancehall."

Thus, it was his "unique blend of traditional reggae sound and his intricate, mesmerizing style of rhythm and wordplay" that became popular with the mainstream Hip-Hop and Rap Circles in America. His music videos of his crowd pleasing dance tunes were frequently shown on MTV Some of his popular songs include: "The Programme," "I Will Survive," and "Maddy Maddy Cry." His music videos were frequently shown on MTV, heightening his popularity in the mainstream American music market.

Despite all the success and fame and material wealth this once poor Jamaican acquired through his talent and music, and the emotional fulfillment he received through his marriage to Abigail, the love of his life, he still felt unsatisfied, like something was still missing in his life. Growing up in a Rastafarian, religiously-based home, Papa San was never told about Jesus or experienced any ministering born of the Christian faith. Living in poverty, Papa San figured that things would be great if he could get out of this hard life style by earning enough money. Papa San reflects, "As a child growing up, I always believed that if I just achieved certain material things that everything would be all right. As I became older, I had lots of success. I had lots of things, and had tried lots of things, but I never found the satisfaction I had expected." (John 4: 13-14, John 6:35)

In 1997, when unexpected turns in his life were obviously moving him in the wrong direction, Papa San began a spiritual journey, simply by opening up a Bible, reading God's Word. This lead to a spiritual transformation through belief in Jesus Christ, and giving his life to Jesus. Papa San explains, "The Holy Spirit started ministering to me, saying in my heart: 'You need to get yourself straight. You have to get yourself right.' "

Would the Lord really forgive his sins and accept him, he wondered? "I had given some bad messages in my songs, and I myself at one time had been involved with firearms, and had run-ins with the police. I had two brothers and two sisters, and both my brothers were killed in street violence. Could God really forgive me of my sins over all the years and accept me into his Kingdom?"

With this question in his heart, Papa San and his wife "went to a church and the pastor told us about Christ. My eyes began to open and I knew that I had to receive Him, regardless of what anyone else thought or said about it."

Trusting in the Lord, Papa San's music added another element to his unique style, and created another form of Gospel music; A unique Gospel / Reggae/ Dancehall blend that has brought many to know and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, which has thrilled Papa San, knowing that the Lord is using him to bring the truth about Jesus to many people. Papa San explains."I've gotten so much great response, and it's only increased over time. We've seen thousands of people come to Christ at our concerts. Some came to the shows just to see what it would be like to hear a Gospel message put to Dancehall music. Many of them have been shocked -- in a good way --at what they heard, and gotten saved in the process."

Papa San's new CD: GOD & I -

If you are new to Gospel Dancehall music, as created by Papa San, enabled by the Holy Spirit, you are in for a treat. These 12 songs are all uniquely different, each an original, creative expression of the expressive talents of Papa San, with some help from his friends. The more I listened to these songs, the more I appreciated the spirit and energy, the intricate rhythms, the distinctive melodies carried by the fine, unique vocals by Papa San, who can sing strongly with such terrific, rhythmic, crisp diction, that the message of each song is distinctly heard, while inspiring one to dance around the room at the same time!

They are a wonderful blend of faith inspiring content with Papa San's "mighty grooves, unforgettable hooks and mile-a-minute words and rhymes," all put together with very different melodies, Jamaican style, with elements of contemporary, Hip Hop Gospel music added as well in some of the songs. The lyrics of the songs, with the exception of some of the Chorus and Bridge sections are sung in Jamaican English, which flows with the catchy rhythm and melody carried by the vocals of each song found in this style of Dancehall gospel music. A Jamaican English Word Glossary is included with the CD insert, if a listener can't quite understand a word, or phrase. It is well worth it to figure out what is being said.

This CD is perfect to listen to if you are discouraged and feeling low, or in a joyous mood as well. The CD will lift your spirits and bless you, reminding you of the power of Jesus Christ to overcome, stand firm and find peace beyond understanding.

Papa San's CD Dedication: "I want to thank God the Father for God the Son who died for my sins and gave me God the precious Holy Spirit who enables me, strengthens me, teaches me and gives me the ability to write these songs. So all glory, all honor belongs to God."

Sample of Songs:

* BREATHE AGAIN-(Luke 11:3, John 15:2, Hebrews 12:5,6, Romans 12:2)

An interesting, catchy combination of Kirk Franklin and Papa San, a melding of two types of Gospel music; Franklin's hip hop, contemporary Gospel chorus and bridge and the Jamaican-flavored Christian music, created by Papa San, which complement each other very well. These two styles of Christian dance music bring home the prayerful message of believers' dependence on Jesus, as expressed by Kirk Franklin and Papa San.

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus (Sung by women's ensemble): If You ever left me, If You ever neglected me. I would never breathe again ... Don't think I'd ever breathe again. I want to feel You near me Jeesus. I'm longing for You warm embrace soooo I can breathe again, I want to breathe again.

Papa San: I am like a ship without a rudder when I don't have You. Hopeless lonely man and don't know what to do. It nuh matter if mi surrounded by mi friends and crew. Mi still breathless and desperate for some ting new. My Lord, change my heart, I am not ok. And it seems like mi need a spiritual x-ray. And yu seh yu wouldn't leave whether night or day. I can do without You? No way, no way, no way.


Papa San: ............................Break mi into syllables, teach how to breathe again, incredible . Wake mi up,shake me up. Break mi up an' make mi up, Build di kind a character weh yuh want an' straighten mi up. Can't si mi self without You that is dangerous. Dangerous,dangerous very, very, dangerous.


Bridge (Sung by women's chorus): Can't make it without You. Can't make it without You Jesus. Without what will I do. I'm crying. I'm crying out for You. I need You to help me. Breathe. Help me. Breathe. Huh.

* POP STYLE (Show Off) - By Tyrone Thompson (Romans 12:2, & 4-6, Galations 5:19-26, 1 Thess. 4:3).

An energetic Praise song, that urges people to focus on developing the fruits of the Spirit, and not to love the things and values of the world.

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus 1: Jesus my Savior I love You, and no one above You, pop style an; gwaan (go on)

Lyrics: Tings a di world (things of the world) caan bring prosperity, Killin' each other nah guh (not going) change di economy. Don't mek(make) majority be your priority, Put God first, an leggo idolatry, Money and vanity, it's a necessity, Leggo(let go) immorality, atrocity, hypocrisy, Resist di devil, and flee from pornography, Dem (Them) deh a wi enemy, wi put dem inna cemetery. Wi are more dan conquerors wi have,di capability Honesty,charity, sweet personality mek wi opportunity fr Godbless with ministry.

* Title Song: GOD AND I - By Tyrone Thompson (Matt. 11:28-30, John 15:18-22, 2nd Cor. 12: 9-10, Romans 5:1-5, John 14:1)

Three distinct melodies make this tune really enjoyable to listen to, and soak up. Trials and struggles are part of our human condition. Plus, rejection and persecution come along with believing in Jesus. But, we have the comfort in knowing Jesus is right there beside us. We have the Holy Spirit to encourage us, guide us, lead us and support us in times of sorrow and pain.

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus 1: Jesus make me smile again. Jesus make me scream again Teach mi how fi(to) walk again(yeeh)

Chorus 2: O Lord, you're di only one. That's why mi holding on so long,(holding on so long). Every time mi play mi life to my frens(friends). Dem listen but dem neva learn mi song.

1) My life is like a nightmare an mi future is like a dream. Mi trapped inna di middle somewhere in between . Mi flesh rise up an, jus wau(want) create a seen. But mi ask Christ fi(to) keep mi heart clean (yow).More time mi tell a man a small problem. Den dung di road mi gaan gun hear(then down the road my gone gun hear),dem back again.....................

Bridge: (Answer from Jesus) My yolk is easy my burden is light. I want you to prosper every day and night. I die for you I take your stripe. It's alright, It's alright, It's alright, It's alright. .I understand the things that you are going through. It is nothing new cause I've been there too. My own reject me even just as you. Falsely accused for things I did not do.

(Papa Son's solution): Like Jacki Valesquez I get on my knees. I realize my problem is just bun and cheese. He's here with me and He will never leave The cross still bleed, the cross still bleed.

Chorus 2.

2) There were times when mi feel mi coulda liv' it up, There were times when mi feel woulda giv' it up, There were times when mi feel mi woulda lie dung(down) inna mi bed. Anuh (and don't) wake up an, some body find me dead. There were times it get so tuff mi couldn't tek no more. There were times mi find a room an, den mi shut di door. . There were times mi sey mi cry til eye water pour, an mi aslide inna it because it flood di floor. there were times mi member David and Solomon. There were times mi member Joseph, Sarah Abraham. there were time a realize I'm not the only one. Because di cross is di perfect demonstration.

STEP PON DI ENEMY - By Tyrone Thompson (Step On the Enemy) (Galations 16-18, Romans 15:16)-

A Dancehall Gospel song that really cooks with rhythm and energy and snappy vocals.

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus: Don't ever be afraid to talk, Cause life weh yuh live will determine yuh walk, Through di valley of shadow mi pass an' just step pon di enemy. Satan nuh penny mi. (Satan don't notice me). Don't ever be afraid to dance, Deep down inna yuh heart man a dat yuh want, suh di son of perdition nuh stan' nuh chance, step pon di enemy, step pon di enemy.

1)...............Yes mi have a right, mi born again a free man, Sanctified justified proud to be a Christian. Kick outdi sinner man welcome di winner man. Gimmi di Holy Spirit just fi strengthen di inna man. Prayer, prayer fi di dan dappa dappa dan.

I KNOW - By Tyrone Thompson - (2 Corinthians 13 -18)

In Christian ministry, it is inevitable that opposition in some form will present itself, coming from unbelievers, believers and / or personal weaknesses, but we can overcome opposition through our dependence on the power of the Lord.

Composition written in a minor key - melody carried by the vocals.

Introduction: Because I know where I'm going, yes Wen me tell dem seh listen mi.

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus: I an, I an, I know who mi calling on (Cause) mi know weh mi going an, mi coming from San guide and protected by the Holy One ny-na-no-ny-no. I an, I an, I know who mi calling on (Cause) mi know weh mi going an, mi coming from San guide and protected by the Holy One ny-na-no-ny-no

Bridge: Sung by choir- I was waiting all day long (all day long) Just for to hear my song oooo. but you never paid it any mind you claim that I was wrong. Why you're standing in my way? (standing in my way), Criticizing when I pray

I CALL HER BLESSED - (Ephesians 5:25-29 - Love your wife as Christ loved the church)

Expresses the marital love between Papa San and his wife, Abigail, a spouse that God led him to, though he didn't know it at the time. Great melody, sung with feeling, with nice supporting rhythm section.

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus: I am blessed with a woman from outta Mount Zion, She's my Abigail, virtuous woman, bones of my bones, my personal companion, one flesh, it complete di mission.

1. My love, my dove, my undefiled. I love the way you walk. I love the way you smile. You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride, you've stolen my heart from one glance of your eyes, How much more pleasing is your love than wine, because you give me fresh fruits from outta yu vine. What I have is yours because you are mine and for better and for worst.....And even all the time, watch ya, yu a di stem in a di apple of mi Family, it woulda fall if yu nuh hold it pon di apple tree, yu show mi love ina di middle of yu tragedy, yu bear mi children and yu run di Nursery, yu even know how to fight principalities,cause yu never compromise yu Christianity

2. Fair as the moon and clear as the sun, words of encouragement a flow offa yu tongue. Thou art beautiful, my forever young, a stream of living Water weh always a run.......

* DE BLOOD By Rohan Harrison / Tyrone Thompson (Revelations 20:1-3, Genesis 3:15, Hebrews 10:19-23, 1 John 3:21, 22, Matt. 7:7)-

A great, high-spirited example of Christian Jamaican Dancehall music, created by Papa Son. Song has an interesting, intricate Jamaican rhythm, (rhythm instruments, bongos and steel drums), which give rhythmic support for the melody carried solely by Papa San, who clearly sings the Jamaican English lyrics with feeling and spirit. The listener will need the glossary to figure out some of the words, but it is all worth it. Police siren can be heard on and off throughout the song.

Lyrical Samples: The translations are in the ().

"It is written that you'll be castin di bottomless pit and bound for a thousand years."- Papa San.

Introduction: Starts off with a reporter on the street, reporting "the bust"(arrest) of Satan, described in Revelations 20:1-3. She reports, "We are coming to you live at the corner of the endtimes and relation street. Devoted Christian and soldier for Christ Papa San and what appears to be an Angel are moving to banish the deceitful, deceptive and deceiver, Lucifer. Scott, it would appear where we stand that Lucifer is fighting a losing battle; it is only a matter of time now. Back to you, Scott."

In the background, through a bullhorn, Satan is told that he is surrounded....... "It is written that you'll be cast in DI bottomless pit and bound for a thousand years."- Papa San.

Chorus: (Papa Son calls out to Satan to surrender). Satan come out aid huh Hans up, DI Blood (Jesus) is against huh WI(we) have huh surrounded. A Angel de Yah fib chain yuh(An angel is here to chain you) Put yuh inna di bottomless pit you are grounded.

1. .....Torment Saul but yuh can't touch David. Christ bruise yuh head fram dung inna Genesis (Genesis 3:15). Give mi di sword fr cut yuh up to pieces. Yuh nuh have, nuh right to cum rob mi bisniz. Stealin' fram di poor an di under privilege. Mi nuh need nuh evidence , mi ketch yuh red handed. (I don't need evidence, I caught you red-handed) Punishment fr yuh fr all yuh put inna bondage. Flyah(fire) pon(on) yuh Satan cau(cause) yuh toast like sandwich. Yuh nuh understand mi language, aye!

Bridge: Mi fight, mi war pon mi knee(on my knees)anuh nutten (and it isn't nothing!). Cause mi have a direct connection to heaven. And mi know how to get rid a ol, leaven, Cho, call pon mi Fadah twentyfour seven, Cause wn mi call mi must get a response. Cause di fadah nuh like keep a distance. Mi always approach Him like an infant. Abba Fadah help cum instant. (1 John 3:21, 22, Matt. 7:7)

* CAN'T FLEE FROM YOUR PRESENCE (Genesis 3:8, Jonah 1:3,4, Matt.18:14, Acts 17:24-28)

Papa San's comments: "I used to try to do just that, all the time, and it just doesn't work. I would see people going to church, but that never interested me. I didn't ever think of God protecting me. I carried a gun and thought that was protection, but I never could really flee from His presence. He is omnipresent. He's everywhere.....all-in-all."

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus 1: Oh me, oh me, oh my my, Oh me, oh me, oh my my, Oh me, oh me, oh my my, Oh me, oh me (well den)

Chorus 2: If I tek(take) di (the) wings a di morning an fly, If I should lay my bed inna di sky, How can I flee from Your presence? No way, God him a mi evidence yea.

1)Yuh coulda tek up a wing an, fly like an eagle. It nuh mek sense yuh try tell mi where can yuh run to Him deh deh before you reach (yow) waiting to get yuh. An (and) if yuh end up inna problem (yow), He's there to rescue. Hiding behind yuh(you(r) shadow, He's there to find you. Him deh strait a head an, Him deh right behind yuh. He's omnipresent an, one of a kind to inna di bottom of di sea, He's right there to join yuh. Why? Jonah did try but di burden kind a heavy, Flee from God an, end up inna fish belly, Cry out to God but im nevva hav(e), a celly(phone), Den him realize eh (the) father hav him a ready.

* ARMOUR - by Tyrone Thompson (Ephesians 6:10-17, Philippians 2;12, Romans 8:1)

Be prepared for spiritual warfare, by putting on the full armor of God. Be fortified and strengthened through the Holy Spirit.

A truly Jamaican, lively Dancehall original Gospel song, from the composition to the vocals and chorus.. Use of the glossary is strongly advised. Has a stirring, driving rhythm, with a catchy, varying melody written in a minor key. Bass guitar and keyboards join in at the chorus, in a counter melody and supportive chords which support the melody and Papa San's sharp vocals. Back up singers help during verses, Chorus and Bridge.

Lyrical Samples: My favorite parts of the song are both Choruses and the Bridge.

Chorus 1: A coulda (could have) New Testament or Pentecostal, Oonu (You (plural) betta put it on, oonu betta on put it on. Oonu coulda walk go a church,wid di bible inna yuh hand, Oonu (You (plural) betta put it on, oonu betta on put it on. Oonu coulda fast twice a week and yuh prayer coulda long, Oonu (You (plural) betta put it on, oonu betta on put it on. Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian, Oonu (You (plural) betta put it on, oonu betta on put it on.

Chorus 2: Put on di armour, Stand firm an, nuh (don't) tek(take) di devil's torture. Joint heirs oonu have di living water. Gimme (give me) di sword a di Spirit speak it, anuh (and don't) put it inna yuh pocket (watch it yow)

Bridge: Wi have di powah(power) fi (to) mek (make) evry demon get fraid. (Powah- (choir), fi lick out cancer and aids,(Papa San). Powah - fi raise all di dead from di grave, Powah- fi mek (make) rasta man.not a slave. Powah - fi get ridda false doctrine. Powah - fi clean up yuh dirty livin'. Powah - fi mek niyah ma sing Jesus, Jesus di is the King. Powah - fi mek deff people hear mi. Powah - fi mek Stevie Wonder si. Powah - fi convert half a G.P. an tek dem psychic fools awfa mi tv.

* ALL GOD - Tyrone Thompson (Matt. 14: 25-32, 1 John 5:14-15, Matt. 7:7, 1 John 3:21-22, Phil:. 4:6-7) -

An uplifting Worship and Praise song, done Dancehall style with elements of contemporary Gospel, that raises the rafters in glorious praise of our Creator.

Lyrical Samples: The translations are in the ().

Chorus 1: God a God a God, God a God a God, Yow God a God, God a God a God, God a God a God, yes, God a God. Chorus

1): No retreat, no retire, always have an answer to wi (our) prayer. Him inna di smoke, Him inna di fiyah(fire), yo yo yow, Destroy Sodom an Gomorrah. Bridge: Never tired, never bored, never fret, never worry, never feel insecure, Ever living, ever sure, ever right, ever faithful, ever,He is for ever more. 2). Who walk di sea of Galilee tell Peter fi come brake di law of gravity? God. Who drop sweat like blood by showing us His love in di garden of gethsemane? God. Dem give Him a big cross fi carry put two thief beside Him crucified Him at calvary? God. Him did dead an, den bury an, rose on di third day an, caught up in victory. God. Who kno yuh ways an, yuh weakness reveal what in de heart of an hypocrite. He's all God. Establish judgemnet an, justice be careful of di sins dem(them) whey(where) yuh practice. God. In every region, evry dimnesion, evry height, evry depth, Him nuh need yuh opinion. God. Just remember Him mek(make) di first man and give Him a companion seh Him fi have dominion.

STAY FAR - (Psalm 23, 2nd Cor .4:16, Phil. 3:13,14, Romans 12:2) - Fred Jerkins / Lashawn Daniels / Rohan Harrison / Tyrone Thompson

The song starts with a most interesting call to worship that is sung in syncopation to a catchy rhythm and beat and melody. A song to encourage resistance from worldly temptations and to stand firm with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Comments from Papa San: "There are a lot of people in this world who feel hopeless. I've known that feeling, too, before I was successful in music and after. There were many times in my life I could have been shot by gangs, or killed in shoot-outs with police, and for many that's just an accepted way of life. But with Jesus as the center of my life, those feelings of hopelessness can't touch me anymore. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you. I want people to hear this song and know that same hope in Him that I have found."

Lyrical Samples: The translations are in the ().

Call to Worship: Put yu han, inna di, Hand inna di air an, seh yeh ooo, Hand inna di air an, seh yeh (Put your hands in the air)

Chorus: (Listen) From mi a likkle bwoy (Since I was a little boy), di devil waan kill me. Sent all di tings a di word (sent all the things of the world) fi trill mi (to thrill me). But wen mi get save di Holy Ghost fill mi. Satan him affi (have to) stay far

1 Papa San walk through di valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil. And wen mi a walk mi nuh worry and fret of bad minded people. Jus, be still. Hey missah man mek (make) yu quick so fi kill. Yuh feel seh (that) yuh mighty but yuh small like squirrel. Yuh waan move mountain but yuh caan climb a hill. It better yuh chill dill dill. Jus(t) be still, yuh betta seek Christ can yuh need to be fill. Yuh mek too much noise yuh a empty barrel. Bwoy yuh a bully mek yuh tink suh cruel fallah di Father's will.

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