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Mission Statement:"This is a work that is meant to encourage, comfort, and open hearts; drawing the worshipper in all of us into Christ’s presence."

To present the Psalms musically that will bridge traditional and contemporary music Christians, to bring all into a sprit of worship and praise, and to make memorizing the scriptures easier.

"I've been blessed, and I want to make sure that I am investing those blessings where others can enjoy them". - Margaret Becker.

For information about her early years and her past accomplishments - Read her Biography page:

More About Maragaret Becker and Her New Goals and Dreams....

Since her decision to get off the road tour life style she had been on since she was around 18-20 years old, which didn't leave much time for other dreams, Margaret Becker has indeed been investing her blessings and gifts where others can enjoy them.

Margaret explains, "I've upgraded my operating system. I'm at a really lovely place of expression, and I've never had so many ways to utilize resources and gifts together."

Giving back to others what she has learned through her experiences and musical expertise:

Margaret Becker is a board member of the Sparrow Foundation and the East Center for the Creative Arts.

Margaret is a successful author, a university and events speaker, and a businesswoman who develops publishing and production companies.

Mentorship Program - Through Her mentorship program she has helped to launch new artists, such as fellow Cross Driven artist Kelly Minter and other "enormously talented independent artists," such as Amy Fletcher, Staci Frenes, No Apples For Adam, Kerux, Angie Paris and Johnathan Klassen, known as 'indies.'

Independent artists have a tough row to hoe in the Christian music business. They are often "underexposed, or on private record labels that are much too difficult to locate."

Margaret explains, "We continue to promote and support indie artists by offering a uniquely designed and dedicated platform for them to be recognized and to be heard, as well as allow other people to benefit from their creativity. producing albums to help promote their music."

Mission to Those in Need -

Margaret has gotten even more involved with World Vision, creating the Orange Fund, which helps to provide much needed money and resources greatly needed for the fight against aids in Africa.

Margaret Becker recently was honored by the Episcopal Church with a Lifetime Fellowship for her efforts to end world hunger and promote "interfaith understanding."


Her Continuing Christian Music Ministry... About the Music on FAITHFULLY YOURS (PSALMS)

"Psalms are both poetry and prayer, poetry intended to be set to music and prayed in worship" - Dennis Bratcher.

Margaret Becker now has the time and the creative license to get involved in musical projects which really interest her and also has the control on how they are put together. This new CD, FAITHFULLY YOURS (PSALMS) is a project she has longed to do; using her favorite Psalms to inspire a variety of songs which are focused on praise and worship, which will reach a wide audience because of the way the songs are created. Teaming up with a talented worship pastor, David M. Edwards, the songs on this CD accomplish several goals, much to the delight and blessing of the individual listener and church congregations. (In fact, Every CD comes with pdf files embedded, containing a music chart for every song)

Margaret comments, "I'm just doing some of the thematic projects I haven't had the time to do before, like this new Psalms based project, Faithfully Yours. "It is directly written for the church. A worship pastor named David M. Edwards, and myself, wrote the bulk of the songs. Taken directly from the new Broadman/Holman translation of the Bible, which is a new translation which combines "accuracy with modern-day readability," was a fulfillment of yet another dream – to write on the Psalms."

Psalms traditionally throughout the ages were sung as part of group worship, led by a cantor or other leader. The Psalms in the Old Testament are grouped by their theme or mood, yet each Psalm is unique as each message is slightly different, with the "intrinsic power to stand on its own. "

Margaret and David composed these songs with this in mind, giving us a glorious collection of songs, which offer a variety of catchy, memorable melodies, strong, heartfelt vocals, several musical styles, soft inner voice accompaniment, effective dynamics, all which presents the spirit, beauty and meaning of these Psalms in a musical form which will appeal to a wide denominational range of Christians.

While the musical compositions on this CD have all the elements needed "to encourage, comfort, and open hearts; drawing the worshipper in all of us into Christ’s presence," the real prominent factor of importance is the Psalm scripture itself, which have inspired praise and worship, since the times of David.

"Perhaps it's greatest strength, The Psalms Project gives reverence to the words . . . Allowing the words to take center stage."

Yet, it was the Holy Spirit inspired musical talent and discernment of Margaret and David that used just the right verses to so wonderfully express the core meaning of each Psalm, and pairing each Psalm with just the right musical composition, that musically illustrates the verses! Margaret and David truly created a wonderful collection of praise and worship songs which will be a blessing to any congregation or individual listener. It is a must for any music collection for churches and individuals.


Traditionally, "Poetry and music were the means by which people expressed the deepest of human feelings and emotions, the most profound of insights, and the most tragic and joyous of human experiences."

The Psalms in the old Testament are divided into 5 books, patterned after the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Margaret and David picked at least one Psalm from all the 5 Books of Psalms, though 7 of the Psalms came from Books 1 and 2.

Many of the Psalms in Book 1 (Similar to Genesis): Discuss humans as "blessed, fallen and redeemed by God." (NIV)

I ENTER YOUR HOUSE (Psalm 5) - Written by King David, using the theme that God is able to "defend lies spoken against us." He requests God's help, praising Him and stating his faith in God and his devotion to God.

HOW MAGNIFICENT IS YOUR NAME (Psalm 8): Written by King David, a tribute song to God, the all-powerful Creator, who loves us, and values us as His most valuable possession / creation.

HOW HAPPY IS THE MAN (Psalm 40): Written by King David. Sometimes we must go through the trail of waiting patiently for God. But we can trust Him to always answer prayers and take care of us while we wait. We can love God, serve others and tell others about Him.

Many of the Psalms in Book 2 (Like Exodus): Discuss the Nation of Israel as ruined, then recovered by God. God rescues us as well, and is a source of help when we have problems. (NIV)

THE STRENGTH OF THE RIVER (Psalm 46): Written by sons of Korah -God is always there to help, providing refuge, security and peace. God has total power and His plan for us and creation will be victorious.

CALL ON ME (Psalm 50): Written by Asaph - God accepts / desires true faith from us, our sincere thanks, trust and praise. He is faithful, loving and will be there when the going get rough and uncomfortable!

CREATE IN ME (Psalm 51): Written by King David - A confessional prayer, asking for forgiveness and renewal/ help to get back on track. God wants our hearts to be right with Him.

Many of the Psalms in Book 3: (Similar to Leviticus) Discuss temple of God and his enthronement. These Psalms praise God the Almighty, the Deliverer, His perfect Holiness, who deserves our praise and reverence. (NIV)

I WILL PRAISE YOU (Psalm 86): Written by King David - Described as a prayer, with the theme of having a devoted trust in the Lord, (standing firm through faith in Him), especially in times of deep trouble. David promises a continued obedience "to the Lord's ways and His truth."

Many of the Psalms in Book 4: (Similar to Numbers) - Just as Numbers discusses Israel's relationships with other nations, these Psalms often talk about God's kingdom, whose sovereignty rules over other nations. Because we belong to the kingdom of God, we can "keep in perspective" our earthly trials and tribulations.(NIV)

MOST HIGH GOD (Psalm 97): Author Unknown - Joyous Praise - God is righteous, just, in total control of everything and protects his own, our "awesome Conqueror."

Many of the Psalms in Book 5: (Similar to Deuteronomy)- Concerned with God and His word, these Psalms are "anthems of praise and thanksgiving. = Songs to make our hearts sing!" (NIV)

WHERE COULD I GO? (Psalm 139): Written by King David - Praises and worships the Lord for who He is, and all His qualities, what He has done, and asks for continued involvement and guidance.

I WILL SING (Psalm 141; Song of Invocation): Written by King David - Asks the Lord for protection and wisdom in accepting criticism, while praising the Lord and vowing continued love and obedience to His will.

Individual Review of the Songs:

* * * ++ CREATE IN ME (Psalm 51: 2,10,12,15,17) - Margaret Becker/ David M. Edwards -

February 2005 -Winner of Worship Leader Praise Award: Best Scripture Song!

Favorite song of this reviewer on this CD. Lovely melody carried by poignant vocals by Margaret Becker, supported nicely by piano, light guitar, light percussion and strings. Begins very softly with just piano and soft strings. Gradual building of dynamics in both the music accompaniment and vocals, with background support vocals of the chorus.

Other Related Scriptures: (Micah 6:8, 1 John 1:9, Hebrews 9:14, Psalm 78:37 & 34.18, Acts 15:9, Ezekiel 18:31)


A sacrifice, pleasing to God, Is a broken spirit. You'll not despise a humble heart. You will hold and heal it. Renew, restore Remember my Lord.

Chorus: Create in me a new heart, After yours, after yours. Create in me a new heart, After yours, after yours.

Come purify and I will be clean, wash away all my shame. Oh let me hear gladness and joy. Let my mouth sing your praise. Renew, restore, Remember me my Lord. Chorus.

* * * WHERE COULD I GO? (Psalm 139:1-7, 23, 24) - Dave Edwards /Margaret Becker

A flowing worship / prayer hymn with a light beat carried by soft piano, guitars, which also support the heartfelt vocals by Dave Edwards, which again carry the melody and message of the song..

Other Related Scriptures: (Ps.17:3 & 34.7 & 143:10, Heb. 4:13, Jer. 23:24 & Jer.11:20, John 1:3, Job 31:6)


You have searched me you've known my every side. Even when my thoughts are all untied. You have fashioned all my days. My path and all my ways.

Chorus: Where could I go from your spirit. Where could I flee from your sight. Where could I cry and you not hear it. Oh from I could never hide. Oh from I could never hide.

You have encircled me behind and before, You have placed your hand upon my heart. How beautiful the weight. Of your love I can't contain. Chorus.

Search me, sift me, try my every cause. Test me, see me know my every thought. Should you find offense in me. With your holy blood redeem. Chorus.

* * * ++ I WILL PRAISE YOU (Psalm 86:8-10,11,12, 15-17) - Dave Edwards/ Margaret Becker

Second favorite song on the CD! A praise and worship hymn which would fit in easily in a traditional service, as well as contemporary. Has universal appeal because of its strong melody, lovely vocals, interesting rhythm, nice choral backup. Piano, with guitars, strings are playing softly in the background. It's infectious melody and message leads the listener to sing along with spirit!

Other Related Scriptures: (Rev. 15:4, Psalms 25:5 Isa. 43:7, Jer.32:39, 1 Peter 5:7, Heb. 6:19-20)


Teach me your way, Your way oh Lord. And I will live (live) by your truth. Give me a mind, Set like a stone, To fear Your name, To fear Your name.

Chorus: I will praise You. Will praise you. With all my heart I will praise you.

Lord there is no one, None like You. And there are no works, Like yours Oh God. All the nations will come and bow down, before you Lord, before Lord.

Chorus 2: I will praise You. Will praise You. With all my heart I will praise and honor You.

I will call on You, Lord hear my prayer. For you my God, Have comforted me, My compassionate, And gracious God, I set my hope On you alone. Chorus 2

* * * + HOW MAGNIFICENT IS YOUR NAME (Psalm 8:1-6, 9) - Dave Edwards / Margaret Becker

Written in 3/4 meter, a beautiful, reverent worship and praise song, so lovingly sung by Dave Edwards, supported softly by background chorus. Lovely, flowing piano and acoustic guitar, help carry this song which floats and swirls over the listener, which builds on the spirit of worship created by the song before it. Another song which would be appreciated by many denominations and ages; Traditional or contemporary!

Other Related Scriptures: (Heb. 2:6-8, Ge.1:28, 1 Cor. 15:25,27, Ephes. 1:22)


You have covered the heavens With Your majesty. A stronghold You have established, to silence the enemy.

Chorus: Oh Lord our Lord, How magnificent is Your name. Throughout all the earth. Lord our Lord, How magnificent is Your name. Throughout all the earth. How magnificent is Your name.

You have remembered your people. Crowned them with majesty. The moon and the stars are His cover. Creation is under His feet. Chorus.

And what is man, that you would remember, The son of man, That you look after him?

* * * + I WILL SING (Psalm 141;1-2, 8 -Song of Invocation) - David Edwards/Margaret Becker

A strong favorite of this reviewer. A flowing, 3/4 meter, worship hymn, composed in a minor key, carried mainly by acoustic guitar, with light support and embellishment of electric guitar, mandolin, very light percussion, all which creates the lovely melody which flows over the listener, as the lyrics sink into one's soul. Very nice dynamics, expressive vocals by Margaret.

Other Related Scriptures: (Rev. 5:8 & 8:3, 1 Ti. 2:8, Ex. 29:39-:41, Ps. 22:19 & 70:5 & 143:1)


I will call, I will seek, I will welcome you Lord, Come and pour out your spirit on me. I will praise, I will sing, I will give you the glory, for the mercy that you've given me.

Chorus: May my praise come before you, As incense pure and clean, I lift my hands in the evening. A sweet offering.

I will kneel, I will bow, I will worship you Lord, For the life you've laid down for me. I will live, I will die, I will walk with you Lord, where ever your spirit may lead. Chorus

* * * + I ENTER YOUR HOUSE (Psalm 5: 1-3,7- 8, 11-12) - David Edwards / Margaret Becker

Another Strong favorite of this reviewer. A contemporary worship, upbeat worship and praise song. Strong Gospel / Spiritual composition in a soft rock style adds zing to the catchy melody. Starts off quietly with light percussion, piano chords, and vocals by David Edwards. Composition builds through the first time through the chorus. 2nd verse light guitar, organ as well as piano - nice inner voices and chordal support. Nice buildup in choral back-up vocals.

Other Related Scriptures: (Proverbs 2:6-11, Psalm 138:2, Ps. 27:11 & 69:36, Isa 65:13)


Listen to my words, Consider my sighing, I'll plead my case and watch. Pay attention to the sound. Of my heart crying. I pray to you my God. Favor like a shield surround me. Let me boast in nothing but You.

Chorus: I enter Your house, by the abundance of your faithful love. I will bow down in your holy temple, I will bow down to my King and God, I will lift up a shout of joy forever, Cause you are my God.

At Daybreak Lord You hear my voice, I'll pray to you. Make Your ways Straight before me, In all I say and do. Favor like a shield surround me. Let me boast in nothing but you.

Bridge: Make a joyful noise, To the Lord and King, Shout for joy to God. Make a joyful noise, To the Lord and King, Shout for joy to God.

Chorus 2: I enter Your house, by the abundance of your faithful love. I will bow down in your holy temple, I will bow down to my King and God, I will lift up a shout of joy forever, Cause you are my God. You are my God.

* * * + HOW HAPPY IS THE MAN (Psalm 40:1-6,10-11, 16, 17) - Dave Edwards / Margaret Becker

Combining Gospel and rock results in a great blending of genres, especially in this song, creating a joyous, bouncy celebration of how faithful our Lord is when we put our trust in Him! This toe tapper really cooks along nicely, some great inner voices by piano, guitar and rest of band, offering great musical support for the message of this song. Margaret provides the energetic vocals. Sure to get the listener dancing around the room!

Other Related Scriptures: (Proverbs 20:28, Acts 20:20, Ps.34:8 & 33:3 & 27:5,14)


He brought me up, From the desolate pit, He put my feet, On a rock secure. He put a new song, In my mouth to sing, Many will hear it, And praise the Lord!

Chorus: How happy is the man, How happy is the man, How happy is the man, Who puts his trust in the Lord.(Trust in the Lord) God's got wonderful plans. Let us rejoice and be glad. Let those who love him. Say/sing great is the Lord.

Though I am weak. Though I am in need. You bend low. To deliver me. You heard my cry. You turned to see. Your truth and love. Will ever guard me.

Great is the Lord. Great is the Lord. Great is the Lord.

* * * ++ THE STRENGTH OF THE RIVER (Psalm 46:1-7, 10-11) - Lifeway/Broadman/ Holeman/ Edwards

Third favorite song of this reviewer, because it expresses the great hope we have in the Lord. Beautiful worship song , with an easy beat, contemporary sound, another great melody providing again the perfect vehicle for the vocals sung lovingly by Dave.

Other Related Scriptures: (Ps. 100:3, & 14:6 & Deut. 4:7, Isa 2:11 & 60:14, 2nd Chr. 13:12, Mic. 1:4)


Although the earth may tremble, And mountains topple into the sea. And although the oceans rise up. I know they'll not cover me.

Chorus: Cause there is a river, Who streams delight, To the city of God, And the Throne of the most high. God is with her, She (we) shall not be moved. And that is our stronghold. That is our Refuge. The Lord of Host is He. (So) Come and taste and see. The strength of the river.

Helper in times of trouble. The God of Jacob my Refuge. You lift Your voice the earth melts. The morning dawns in praise to you.

Bridge: Exalted among the nations, Exalted among the earth. Chorus

* * * CALL ON ME (Psalm 50:1-7, 14, 15 & 23) - David M. Edwards / Margaret Becker

Contemporary praise and worship song with an easy rock beat supported by piano, guitar and drums. Great melody provides perfect vehicle for the expressing the lyrics of this Psalm. Inspiring vocals are by Margaret, backup vocals are subtle but full.

Other Related Scriptures: (Psalm 81:7, 96:13, Joshua 22:22, Deut.4:26, Isa 1:2, 1 Thess. 5:17)


Devouring fire precedes Him, A storm rages around Him. (From) On high, He summons, Heaven and Earth.

He will not be silent, God, the Lord God, speaks. (From) On high, He summons, Heaven and Earth.

Chorus: Call on Me, in (your) day of trouble (And) I will rescue you. Call on Me, in (your) day of trouble (And) I will rescue you. Call on Me."

Perfection of Beauty, He is The Judge of (all) people. (From) On high, He summons, Heaven and Earth. God appears in radiance, proclaim His righteousness, (From) On high, He summons, Heaven and Earth.

Bridge: Bring sacrifices, And bring all your thank offerings, Honor the Lord God and Praise Him continually.

* * * + WHO IS LIKE YOU? (Psalm 71: 1-8, 19-24) - David M. Edwards / Margaret Becker

A strong praise and worship song, tailor-made for a contemporary service or family camp. Great beat, strong musical support from piano, organ, guitars which offer both counter-melodies and strong support for the melody as well. Dave does a great job on the vocals, which shine through, especially during the verses. Choral back-up vocals are subtle.

Other Related Scriptures: (1 Thess. 5:17, Psalm 17:6 & 28 & 126:2, Jer. 17:7, Job 4:6, Luke 1:49)


We sing to you Oh Holy One, Your strength is here for all who come. You have done great things. Who is like You?

You bring me up and back again, Deliver me with Your strong hand. You have done great things. Who is like You?

Chorus: Who is like You Oh God? Who is like You? My mouth is full of praise all day long. You are my hope and rock, My praise is about You. Who is like You Oh God? Who is like You?

In Your justice rescue me. Strong refuge you'll ever be. You have done great things. Who is like You? My confidence is in your command, Hope that holds me helps me stand. You have done great things, Who is like You? Chorus:

Who is like You Oh God? Who is like You?

* * *+ + MOST HIGH GOD (Psalm 97:1, 5-6, 8-12) - David M. Edwards / Margaret Becker

Favorite praise song on the CD!!! Song would be a great favorite in a contemporary service, especially among the youth!! An upbeat, joyous praise song, that really cooks with a driving beat during chorus and features a touch of soul and syncopation in both the vocals and accompaniment during the verses. Great organ, guitar work and drums provide a stirring introduction, and continue to cook along tightly, providing a syncopated counter melody which supports the main melody carried by the energetic vocals, sung by Margaret and David.

Other Related Scriptures: (Ex. 18:11, Romans 12:9, Daniel 3:28, Job 22:28, Ps. 30:4 & 96:10-11 & 19:1)


Come see the glory, That the heavens proclaim. Mountains tremble before him, Let the people say...

Chorus: Most high God, Praise Your Holy Name. Let the earth rejoice, Our Lord reigns.

He protects the life, Of His Holy ones, Light dawns for the righteous. Gladness in our heart. Chorus

You are exalted far above all Gods, Justice and righteousness, Adorn Your throne. Chorus

* * *

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