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kurt carr reviewThe Music Review: ONE CHURCH PROJECT - Released in 2005

This 2005 album was recorded live at West Los Angeles COGIC Cathedral on July 10th, 2004.

Mission Statement: Inspired by Matthew 28: To go forth into the world, making disciples of all nations, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Theme of CD is "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Church."

Kurt Carr explains, "I've felt God impressing on me that it was time to really reach out to the world with our music (Kurt Carr Singers), so it was very important to me to draw on the talents of people of different races, nationalities, and doctrinal background - all to solidify the theme and the truth that we really are one church in Christ. I think there's something on this album that all believers will be touched by."

Lifetime Goal: "When it's all finished, and the Lord has called me home, there's just one thing I hope people will be able to say about me. And that's 'Well done kid."

"There's something on this album that all believers will be touched by."

There certainly is! Kurt Carr clearly strove to reach out to the world of diverse believers and seekers by creating / arranging/ leading choirs and individuals in the performance of these 16 uniquely different songs which reflect different musical elements and styles which are meaningful for people in various cultures, different races, nationalities, and doctrinal background, using Gospel music as the foundational musical language.

With the collection of songs on this ONE CHURCH PROJECT album, the Holy Spirit inspired Kurt Carr to use his considerable musical gifts, plus the talents of many different people to create and perform Gospel music which truly does reach out to all believers, with the theme of "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Church."

For the unifying theme found in these songs' great lyrics is our Lord Jesus Christ, worthy of our praise and thanksgiving, the source of hope and faith for all Christian believers.

Spiritual Meanings Truths in his Songs

We have a merciful, caring, faithful Lord: GOD BLOCKED IT * ONE WORD * MY TIME FOR GOD'S FAVOR

Our Relationship with the Lord - IF I TELL GOD * WHY NOT TRUST GOD AGAIN * BE GRATEFUL

No one greater than Jesus. REIGN * GOD GREAT GOD * LET GOD ARISE! / PRAISE POWER

Jesus is our Lord, Savior & friend: PSALM 68 * SOMETHING HAPPENS * THEY DIDN'T KNOW

From his other 4 albums listed above, Kurt Carr's trademark musical diversity shone through his evolving Gospel music sound, which continues to evolve on this new effort, ONE CHURCH PROJECT. In addition to the fine vocals of The Kurt Carr Singers, his own vocal / leading skills and his talented Gospel music band, Kurt Carr has added to the mix musical additions and styles of a South African Choir (IF I TELL GOD), African musicians, Choir of Life (from Japan) Choir of Life (USA), Scottish bagpipers, an Armenian accordionist, an Indian sitar, and a full classical orchestra.

99% of the music and performances heard on the album happened during this concert/ service recording at the West Los Angeles COGIC Cathedral. No dubs in studio; just a very talented group of musicians, singers full of the spirit, performing well-written innovative compositions under the stunning leadership of Kurt Carr, in a place that must have a phenomenal sound system!

All these new sounds and styles and talents are skillfully mixed in with traditional & contemporary Gospel, R & B, blues, soul, and even a little jazz, stirred together in the composition pot, all brought to a boil by the performance skills of the musicians / singers and wonderfully directed dynamics, perfect for the total effect of each song. The grand result cooked up is a musical experience which unifies, touches the soul, electrifies and encourages the listener, as this experience did the same for the lucky audience at this concert recording in Los Angeles.

The quality of the the lead vocals and the choirs' performances is equally impressive, which cover quite a range of singing styles, which range from soft, poignant, and emotional to energetic and jubilant, always on key and with clear diction. Traditional Gospel harmony sound as well as the new urban harmony style are represented in various songs; sometimes in the same song, which works well thanks to Kurt Carr's gifts of not only leading and directing singers, but in composing both instrumental and vocal music.

Kurt Carr's musical vision, a gift from the Lord, includes not only the talent in combining different elements together, but the way he adds and uses musical nuances, segues, key modulations, dynamics and other creative musical thoughts like spices to a stew to connect and enhance the songs each unique in sound, performed so professionally.

WOW! I found that this collection of songs is fascinating and fun to listen to, which touches the listener in several ways, through its diverse yet unifying music. One hears the best elements of Gospel music and message, delightfully flavored with different genres and styles, creating unique combinations of musical thought in compositions which so wonderfully support the lyrical message, resulting in something for everyone's spiritual development and musical taste. It is a collection of music which energizes, moves, encourages and strengthens one's faith walk with Christ, and more than meets the Lord's goal that Kurt Carr was reaching for. I highly recommend it for anyone's Christian music collection as a MUST!

About the individual Songs Found on ONE CHURCH PROJECT

Musical and Spiritual Influences behind the songs......

The Lord put many special people who love the Lord in Kurt Carr's life, helping / inspiring him to grow spiritually and evolve musically. Each song performed on ONE CHURCH PROJECT has a dedication to a special person in his life who influenced him in some way, for which Kurt thanks the Lord with a grateful heart.

Walter Hawkins - Whose inspirational music drew Kurt to Christ.

Brother Tommy Tenney - Big brother who exposed Kurt to the true revelation of God's favor.

Sister Juanita Bynum Weeks - For seeking to restore true old fashioned Holiness to music and worship.

Jan Crouch (Her testimony saved Kurt's life) and Andrae Crouch, (His music ministry inspired Kurt to reach the world).

Bishop T.D. Jakes (great Orator) * Bishop Norman Wagner - A friend and source of inspiration.

Spiritual Mentor- Charles E. Blake

Loretta White, who God totally restored after a massive brain aneurysm.

Performers: Judy McAllister, the First Lady of Praise and Worship * Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers

ONE CHURCH Songs - Individual Commentary and Lyrics -

(Words and Music by Kurt Carr, except for song: BE GRATEFUL - Words and Original Music by Walter Hawkins. Rearranged by Kurt Carr)

* * * + + Reign - (Dedicated to my friend Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers)

A song with a majestic, anthem like composition and full choir sound as an introduction which seques nicely into a heart-pumping, spirit rousing Gospel Praise song which starts things off with a musical explosion. With a driving beat, energetic melody carried by a busy piano, organ and the rest of the ensemble of instruments offer a fine support for the victorious vocals energetically praising the Lord Jesus for who He is and His glory.

Scriptural References: (Jer. 1:5A, Psalm 33:4-11, Col. 1:15-18)


You are greater than the universe, More powerful than the sea, You are fairer than ten thousand. No one compares to Thee.

The Omnipotent Sovereign, Stronger than a million men. Your kingdom; Glorious, Victorious, Will never ever end.

Chorus: Reign! Jesus reign! Be though glorified about this earthly plain. Son of God! And oh so good! In majesty Your kingdom will Forever Reign.

You are glorious in life, Victorious in death, And I live to sing Your praise. Till I exhale my final breath.

Then may I soar beyond the sky. And see Your face with my own eyes. In my eternal home, Around the throne, I'll offer up this song.


Hook: Reign, Jesus reign, Forever! And He shall reign forever and ever. Reign hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! Repeat.


(Dedicated to my sister, Judy McAllister, the First Lady of Praise and Worship)

Kurt Carr comments: "With all the dangers and threats we face in the world today, this song is a reminder that there is still no power greater than God. And I think that's the message we as the church have to stand on now more than ever."

Lead vocals: Kurt Carr and Nikki Potts

A bright, uplifting contemporary Gospel praise and worship song which would please a wide audience. Several key modulations make things interesting and add punch to the total composition. Full voice sound, a catchy, memorable melody, and lyrics that are expressive yet easy to remember, makes this praise and worship song a great choice for services or group worship. Note the interesting modern harmonies especially in the VAMP section.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 93 & 29:2, Phil. 2:8-11, Rev. 14:7 & 19: 11-16)


Glory and honor, dominion and power. Now and forever. The Lord God Omnipotent, reigneth, With power, forever with power. Greater than all, You are Sovereign God.

Chorus: God, great God. Worthy of honor and glory. We stand here in reverence. We're blessed in Your presence. Jehovah. Forever and ever our God.

Glory and honor, dominion and power! Now and forever, The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, With power, forever with power. Greater than all, You are Sovereign God. Chorus

Bridge: Forever and ever, Forever and ever.


VAMP: God, great God, God great God Jehovah, God, great God, God great God forever. Nobody greater, Nobody greater, Nobody greater, Greater than my God!

* * * + PSALM 68

(Dedicated to Andrae Crouch, whose music ministry inspired me to reach the world)

Another great catchy praise song which combines Spanish tango style of music with Gospel; a fascinating and really creative fusion which provides the perfect vehicle for the message inspired by how great our Lord is and always will be.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 68:19-20, & 86:4, John 11:38, & 19:38-20:9, Acts 2:24-28)


Lead vocals: Tisa Willis, Shervonne Wells, Nikki Potts, Troy Bright, Brandon Winbush, Kurt Carr


You are the awesome mighty One now. Your enemies they better run now. They are no match no comparison, Died on the cross to overcome.

You took the sting out of death that day. Conquering both hell and the grave. And if You did all these things, What can You do in this place?

Chorus: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Let our God arise.

You are amazing, powerful. And You are strong, invincible. And You're greater than incredible. And You defy impossible.

A Man was dead for three whole days. But, You told him to live. Get up from the grave. You are a miracle working God. So do Your thing in this place.

Arise, arise, put on your strength and power. Oh, great God, power, power, belongs to God. Chorus

* * * + + POWER PRAISE (LET GOD ARISE!) - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(Dedicated to my sister Juanita Bynum Weeks for your quest to restore true old fashioned Holiness)

Begins with a traditional old school style, fast, energetic 2 meter rendition of "Let God Arise," with a busy piano and vocals by Kurt, which seques effortlessly into a unique VAMP, an equally high energy, foot stomping, roof -raisin' song; Power Praise, a combination of contemporary Gospel praise with the Pentecostal style, which really cooks! Fast 2 beat meter, drives the energy and spirit and emotion of all involved! This song has everything! Hot, sizzling piano and organ work, a nice combination of old school and contemporary Gospel in both composition and vocals, an infectious spirit and energy that the listener can't resist. Sure to knock negativity, discouragement out of the ball park, replacing them with thanksgiving for how great our God is!

Scriptural References: (Psalm 68:1, Hebrews 10:30, Romans 12: 9-21, Lev. 19:18, Deut: 32:35)


Lead Vocals: Kurt Carr, Shervonne Wells

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered, Let God arise and His enemies be scattered, Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Let God, Let God Arise.

VAMP: Power, Power Lord. He's got the power. Belongs to God.

* * * + + GOD BLOCKED IT - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(To Jan Crouch, your testimony saved my life)

Second very strong favorite song of this reviewer. Written in 6/8 meter, gives the song a flowing feeling; perfect for the lovely, memorable melody in this lovely contemporary Gospel worship anthem hymn. Composition and vocals have great heartfelt, dynamics musically in both the vocals and accompaniment. Lead vocals by Nakitta Clegg and Nikki Potts begin softly and build in intensity and emotion to and throughout the chorus.

Nakitta Clegg / Nikki Potts / sings a short reprise in a soulful, bluesey Gospel vocal style in the reprise - Great sound - most enjoyable.

Kurt comments, This song is basically about our perception of the trials and tribulations we go through. It seems sometimes like we're always dealing with obstacles and confrontations, when in reality, if we knew just how much disaster and calamity we come within maybe just a second or an inch of, and never even know it- because God is shielding and protecting us; we'd worry less and praise Him more."

Scriptural References: (Psalm 91, Hebrews 12:1-2 & Hebrews 6:10-12)

Complete Lyrics:

Chorus 1: God blocked it. God blocked it! He wouldn't let it be so. No. He wouldn't let it be so.

There were dangers a waiting me. Destruction was sure to be, but thank God for angels that were shielding, and protecting, and looking after me.

Bridge: Thank You Lord. The devil had a plan to kill me I know, but God intercepted his plan, and told the devil no.

Chorus 1: God blocked it. God blocked it! He wouldn't let it be so. No. He wouldn't let it be so.

Nakita's solo: I haven't lived a perfect life. Seems I've done wrong more than I've done right. But thank God for compassion and forgiveness. That kept me from a terrible plight. You see, my life was spinning out of control. The fact that I'm still alive today, Ain't nothing but a miracle.

For I've got work to do, work to do.

God wouldn't let me die, because He knew I've got work to do.

Oh yes, and I've got life to live. There are blessings He wants to give.

Chorus 2 : God blocked it, Yes He did! He wouldn't let it be so. No. He wouldn't let it be so. For I've got work to do. Work to do. God wouldn't let me die. Because He knew I've got work to do Oh Yes.

Hook: And I've got life to live. There are blessings He wants to give. God blocked it, He wouldn't let it be so. No, He wouldn't let it be so. God blocked it, He wouldn't let it be so.

Partial VAMP: It was the Lord! It was the Lord!(He did it for the Hebrew boys) It was the Lord! (He then turned around and did it for Job) It was the Lord!..............

Tag: It was the Lord. (Nobody, nobody else NO!!!!!) Nobody but Jesus! It was the Lord. (Nobody, nobody else NO!!!!!)

God blocked it, He wouldn't let it be so.

Short Reprise in Cut 7: (An additional testimony: in a different style. Straight Gospel blues and soul, at its finest, with simple chordal backup by organ / piano)

It was the Lord! It was the Lord!

Lord, I thank you! I don't know what I would do, if wasn't for the grace of Jesus. I don't know where I would be, if wasn't for the mercy of Lord. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, know!

So many many many, many many times the devil tried to take my life, but God stopped him, right in the nick of time, but God stopped him, right in the nick of time, but God stepped in, right in the nick of time, but God stepped in, right in the nick of time....)

Chorus: God blocked it. God blocked it!

* * * + + ONE WORD - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(Dedicated to Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the greatest orators of our time)

Favorite worship hymn of this reviewer, for any worship service! A beautiful contemporary Gospel prayer hymn / worship anthem which begins softly with a vocal ensemble, supported by piano, guitar, organ. Gorgeous melody and moving message builds in intensity and emotion from the first verse to the bridge through the 2nd chorus. Ends quietly.

For an additional testimony: Vonnie sings the chorus by herself with just piano accompaniment and organ, with light touches of acoustic guitar.

Scriptural References: (Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 119:10, Matt. 6:33, Luke 11:9)


Lead vocals: Vonnie Lopez

Here we are in great anticipation. We have gathered in pursuit of You. Longing for divine revelation. Breathe on us with Your word of truth.

Chorus: One word is all we need. To destroy captivity. And break the chains that are binding. One Rhema word, Designed with Your expertise. Tailored made for me. Speak Lord, Through Your word. Reveal Yourself to me.

Lips of clay are so unworthy to speak for You. So with grace won't You purge and clean. Breathe into me and like a masterful musician. Playing an instrument You can play through me.

Bridge: Your word is a light unto my pathway. Your word is a lamp unto my feet. Speak Lord. Speak Lord. Speak Lord.


Hook: Speak Lord. Through Your word. Reveal Yourself to me.

VAMP: Vonnie Lopez sings chorus by herself.

Worship time in service: Speak, Speak.

* * * + + IF I TELL GOD - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(Dedicated to my mentor, Bishop Charles E. Blake, for your untiring efforts to save Africa's Children)

Third favorite song of this reviewer. A wonderful song blend using African rhythms and harmony style, (provided by the African Choir & musicians), and contemporary Gospel, which creates another irresistible melody, again perfect for the song's hopeful message about God's promise to be faithful and help us, which strengthens us all. Again, full harmonies and key modulations in the Hook and VAMP

Scriptural References: (1 Phil. 4:6-8, 1 Peter 5:7, Romans 8:28)

Lyrics: Lead & African Chant: Kurt Carr

I will trust in God to supply my need. He'll come through for me if I just believe. If I pray in faith then I will receive. If I tell God about my problem He'll work it out for me.

Bridge: No more cryin', no more worrying, no more struggling.

If I tell God about my problems, He'll work it out for me.

Hook: If I tell God about my problem. Tell God about my problem. Tell God about my problem. Tell God about my problem. Tell God about my problem, He'll work it out for me.

VAMP: He's working it out for me. He's working it out, yeah, yeah. (Repeat)

If I tell God about my problems, He'll work it out for me, for me!

* * * + + WHY NOT TRUST GOD AGAIN - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(Dedicated to my friend Loretta White, who God totally restored after a massive brain aneurysm)

Favorite anthem of this reviewer. This inspiring song of encouragement would be received well in most congregations. A beautiful worship Gospel anthem which begins softly and builds nicely and quiets down throughout the song. Begins with soft piano chords, acoustic guitar chimes in; light use of violins and keys enter as song builds; all which support the heartfelt vocals by Timiney Figueroa-Caton, who sings solo and also leads the strong choral support through the 2nd time through the chorus. Song would be received well in most congregations.

Scriptural References: (Romans 8:28, 1 Cor. 1:9, Psalm 46:1-2, 7, 10-11, John 10:27-30)

Lyrics: Lead Vocals by Timiney Figueroa-Caton

When life seems cruel, And so unfair. With each new day it seems, A greater problem is waiting there. For each step forward I take. Seems I get pushed two steps behind.

Chorus: Why not trust God again? I know that He can do it. If I pray again, Believe again, My God will, Work it for my good again. I know that HE will see me through it all, If I trust in God again.

Is there a mountain. Standing in your way? Is there a loved one, you're worried about today? Is there a blessing you desire, that seems intangible? Just cling to faith with all your might. The One that's seen you through before, Is still able, He's still able.

Bridge:'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. Just to take Him at His word.


Hook: I will, I will, I will, Trust in God again.

* * * + + BE GRATEFUL - Words and Original Music by Walter Hawkins. Rearranged by Kurt Carr

Gospel and soul together blended with R & B, and elements of contemporary composition, one of them being modern harmonies throughout the song. Begins as a beautiful ballad written in a minor key. Song begins with reverent, poignant choral intro in first 4 stanzas. Soulful vocals by Nakitta then sit nicely on top of soft, dynamic piano and strings. Troy sings equally in a soulful style the 2nd verse.

At the Bridge, the song has a nice segue into an upbeat, R & B style contemporary soul Gospel, spiced with modern harmonies from backup voices, which support a dynamics build throughout the composition, cheering up considerably in mood and hope!!! Great song to listen to after a hard day of life.

(Dedicated to Walter Hawkins, whose music drew me to Christ)

Scriptural References: (1 Thess. 5:17, Romans 5:1-5 & 8:28, 2nd Cor. 4:8-10 & 16-18)

Lyrics: Lead vocals: Nakitta Clegg and Troy Bright

Be grateful, be grateful!

(Nakitta) God has not promised me sunshine. That's not the way it's going to be. But a little rain mixed with God's sunshine. A little pain, Makes me appreciate the good times.

Be grateful.

(Troy) God desires to fill your longing. Every pain that you feel. He feels them just like you. But He can't afford to let you feel only good.

Then you can't appreciate the good times.

Chorus: Be grateful, be grateful! 'Cause it could be your family living, on the streets. Be grateful, be grateful! Remember the children with no food to eat. Be grateful, be grateful! Keep on praying, keep on believing. For it will, it will it's gonna be all right.

(Nakita) Be grateful, be grateful! 'Cause there's someone else that's worse off than you. Be grateful, be grateful! 'Cause there's someone else who'd love to be in your shoes.

(Troy &Nakita) It's gonna, it's gonna be all right. Be grateful.

VAMP: It will be all right. Keep on believing, keep on praying, Keep on trusting, keep on praying, keep on praying, keep on praying. Your blessing is coming, Just keep on praying. It will be all right. Be grateful.

* * * + MY TIME FOR GOD'S FAVOR (The Presence of the Lord remix) - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(Dedicated to my Big Brother Tommy Tenney, for exposing me to the true revelation of God's favor)

Kurt Carr's great, award-winning, praise and worship song, designed for group participation of audiences. This performance energizes the listener with its exciting composition, full of zip and energy, making great use of 2 interesting dotted note patterns used during the verses, and after the first Chorus. Segues into a quick 6 /8 meter (swing feeling) interlude and 1/2 step up in key change, between each verse, and at the coda. Song builds to a joyful conclusion. Lyrics are a proclamation, a celebration, a litany of how much God will do for us if we just ask Him. He is with us and is every faithful.

Scriptural References: (1 Peter:5:7, Matt.11:28-30, Heb.10:19-23, Psalm 112:1, Ephesians 3:15-19)


Chorus: Everybody blow the trumpet, and sound the alarm, Because the Lord is in the temple, let everybody bow. Let all the people praise Him now. The Lord is here.

The presence from the Lord is here, The presence from the Lord is here, I feel it in the atmosphere, A blessing from the Lord is here, The presence from the Lord is here. Chorus

A blessing from the Lord is here, A blessing from the Lord is here, I feel it in the atmosphere, A blessing from the Lord is here, A blessing from the Lord is here.


Can't you see him workin' on the outside, I can feel Him movin' on the inside, so come and enter in, and cast your cares on Him, He'll open up a window and pour you out a blessing.

For when the Lord steps in, He brings everything you need. Healing, power and victory. It's all up to you. Whatever you need Him to do. Just trust Him and believe. And then by faith you will receive.

I can feel the presence of the Lord. And I'm gonna get my blessin' right now.

VAMP: I ain't waitin' no more. I ain't waitin' no more. I got it.

It's my time for God's favor! It's my time to be blessed!

Step in, step in, step in and be blessed. The presence of the Lord is here.

* * * + + SOMETHING HAPPENS - Words and Music by Kurt Carr

(Dedicated to my friend and inspiration Bishop Norman Wagner)

Wonderful dynamically strong prayer/ worship Gospel hymn which Kurt Carr said was given to him by the Lord during his prayer time. Beautiful melody and harmonies, delicately supported by acoustic guitar, piano begins this hymn. Yvette's vocals are poignantly effective sounds builds in both musical composition and choral voices through to the end. Kurt and Yvette have a lovely duet together. The song touches the soul as it washes over the listener, moving one into the Spirit of worship.

Scriptural References: (Hebrews 2:9, Phil. 2:9-11, Rev. 1:8, 13-18 & 5:12)

Lyrics: Lead Vocals: Yvette Williams

Chorus: Jesus, Something special, Supernatural, About Your name, Jesus. Something happens When I mention Your name.

Demons have to flee when I say Jesus (Jesus). Sickness has to heal when I say Jesus (Jesus). Every knee shall bow before, And every tongue proclaim, With worthy praise. The matchless name of Jesus.


When I call upon Your name. The very atmosphere will have to change. We'll be transformed. We'll never be the same. By the power of Your Holy name. Chorus.

Hook: Jesus, something happens when we call Your name, Jesus! Oh the power in Your name.

Tag: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Something happens when I call You.

* * * + + THEY DIDN'T KNOW

(Dedicated to my First Lady Mrs. Mae L Blake and to Praise Dancers around the world)

Another strong favorite of this reviewer! A strong contemporary, expressive and moving Gospel Ballad, written in a minor key, which ends the album on a strong musical witness of what our loving Savior, Jesus did for us on calvary, AND HIS victory over death! Begins with an interesting soft blend of piano, strings, acoustic guitar, flute, and even a bagpipe! Traditional harmonic, full choir sound used as well as wonderful lead vocals by Nikki. Though it starts off in a sad and mournful mood, it ends on a victorious note, with the whole orchestra in full bloom, supporting the grand choral climax in the VAMP! Has the usual great dynamics and interesting key changes.

Women's ensemble group sings the first verse. Nikki joins in to lead in a great vocal effort for the rest of the song.

Scriptural References: (Isa. 53, John 3:16, John 19 & 20, Matthew 27 & 28, Mark 15 & 16, Luke 23 & 24)

Lyrics: Lead Vocals by Nikki Potts

Jerusalem on a dusty road. An innocent man condemned to death. Bore a cross on His shoulders. They didn't know. Down the Via Dolorsa, He staggered in agony. As He looked upon the hatred in the eyes of His own seed. They didn't know.

They didn't know He was enduring this for them. So they could live forever more in paradise. They didn't know one day they'd sing His praise. With fear and trembling. They didn't recognize the King that kings call king.

Refrain: He didn't have to die for me. He could have just set Himself free. He could have come down, down from the cross at Calvary.

But instead, He was wounded for our transgressions. And He was bruised for our iniquities. And by His stripes we are healed. Oh, what an awesome price He paid for me.

Hook: They hung Him high and stretched Him wide. They nailed His hands and feet. And pierced Him in the side. They didn't know.

Approximate:VAMP: Jesus never said a word but Father , they know not what they do....

MY JESUS!! He bowed his head, hung his head, and he died, for the sins of the world. And He bowed his head, hung his head, and he died. MY JESUS!!

On the third day, On the third day, On the third day, Jesus rose! (He arose!) Jesus rose! Jesus rose! Jesus rose!

Victoriously! Triumphantly, With Authority, He rose! He rose! Rose! Rose! He rose!

Reviewed by Julie Carr for ChristianMusic.com

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