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"The purpose of Devil's Dice is to encourage believers to live daily for God, not just when the time calls for it." - Philip Meade

Judah First strives to strongly encourage young people to actively follow Christ and act on their faith, by presenting on this DEVIL'S DICE CD, their high quality heavy metal / rock compositions as the powerful musical vehicle, to propel their messages.

Being a Christian in a secular world is a struggle, with not only our own human weaknesses and temptations, but with other not so nice influences which can trip us up if we become complacent Christians, and not keep our eyes on Jesus, not living daily for him. As Christianity is an active faith, we all need to fight the tendency to be complacent; a state of mind which makes us fertile ground to be tempted to fall to our human weaknesses or to become casualties of the ongoing Spiritual warfare waged by the Prince of this world.

Philip Meade and James Aaron


James Aaron - Vocals * Philip Meade - Guitar

Keyth Harkleroad - Bass * Chris Rosenstone - Drums

Here is a summary about their backgrounds....

The name of the group, Judah First, was inspired by Judges 20:18. The tribe of Judah was to be the first to go into battle, obeying what the Lord had said. So, Judah First would be called into a music ministry, to actively reach out to the young people.

James Aaron and Philip Meade, the founders of this band, both grew up in homes where their fathers were pastors, and were involved at a young age in Christian ministry, inspired by the examples of the adults in their formative years, being prepared for their own Christian music ministry that the Lord had planned for them.

Attending and actively participating in church and worship has always been a part of their lives. Their musical talents and goals have been encouraged and supported by their families and church music and youth programs and the people in their church families as well. James Aaron had been singing in church all his life. Philip Meade started playing drums in high school and moved into playing guitar as he entered college.

The idea of forming a band happened in college where Philip Meade became friends with drummer Chris Rosenstone. After starting a secular band called "Sojourn," the group played together for a few years, but always felt an important piece of the music was missing; "the aspect of a ministry for Christ with our music."

James Aaron was brought on board in 2000 and Judah First was born, called into a Christian music ministry mainly focused on the young music lovers of hard rock - heavy metal music.

"The center of our music revolves around a message that young people need to hear, a real message for real teens. Relationships are hard, betrayal is hard, and it is easy to fall away from God." - Philip Meade

The members of Judah First

When not touring and performing in concerts, the members of Judah First live a Christian life style, in their daily walk with the Lord. The band members also are busy in ministry in their home churches.

Chris Rosenstone comments, "We are all active in church, Philip Meade is a youth pastor at a Baptist church and James Aaron is a worship leader at a church in East TN. We are fortunate to have a church body that supports the music and understands when we have to be away for several weeks."


Heavy metal / hard rock music in general is made up of impressive, expressive electric guitar work and drums and lots of showmanship -- It is a genre of music with lots of energy, driving rhythms, emotion-strong feelings which are vigorously expressed through the musical compositions and presentation of the lyrics. Vocals are usually intense / emotional, with a hard edge to go with the very real, honest rock, courtesy of the electric guitar ensemble and the talent of the musicians and of course vigorous drums. Lyrics are blunt, emotional and real - often capturing the anxt, joys, rebellion and challenges faced by their young fans, and other lovers of heavy metal / hard rock!

Christian heavy metal / hard rock follows the genre style, but with a major difference; The lyrics which express the anxt, joys, rebellion and challenges faced by the young and perhaps not so young revolve around spiritual truths and the Gospel of Jesus, but in the same real honest language, and in the same vocal style with variations provided by the vocalist.

The Holy Spirit definitely flows through this Christ-centered band, as Judah First proves that heavy metal / hard rock music can have the high musical standards, as well as ministering to the young and not so young, with thought provoking messages which both warn and encourage both believers and seekers.

It is this reviewer's opinion that Judah First offers some of the best Christian heavy metal / hard rock music presented to the younger generation and others who appreciate the genre. For they have it all: Driving rhythms and counter-melodies via the electrical guitar extremely well-played, great dynamics, a stirring combination of memorable melodies, down to earth lyrics put together by an aggressive yet still clearly understandable varied vocal styles. Their music has the effect of gripping the soul, encouraging and convicting the listener to evaluate their attitudes and think about their own behavior, and give thanks to the Lord for who He is; our loving, merciful Lord and Savior, and for what He has done for us both on the cross and now.

While the musicianship on Judah First's first album, VISION ROAD was an excellent example of heavy metal / hard rock music which provided the perfect support for their Christian messages outlined in their mission statement for that album, this second album from Judah First, DEVIL'S DICE offers heavy metal / hard rock Christian music, up a notch in all aspects; their impressive musicianship, composition skills and their lyrical messages, which fully express the various themes of the songs, and are finely illustrated with the wide range of vocals and musical compositions found in this collection of songs.

Philip Meade on guitar

About their Music....

The very talented Chris Grainger, who fronts the band Schfvilkus, once again was the producer for this second album, DEVIL'S DICE. Besides being a talented guitar player and song writer himself, he excels at engineering and mixing, which is one reason one can think that Judah First is having a jam session in the living room while listening to the CD!

Philip Meade and James Aaron not only bring their musical talents to the stage and recording studio, but also composed and wrote the lyrics to the songs, though each song is worked on together / arranged together as a group, which explains the polished, focused result heard in the performance. All songs were composed first on a guitar, and a chorus which comes to mind is used as the building block for the song.

On DEVIL'S DICE, Guitarist Philip Meade was very busy indeed, in putting the songs together. Meade composed and wrote the lyrics for the songs IDENTIFY, the title song, DEVIL'S DICE, LISTEN, and SHE'LL NEVER TELL. He composed the music to most of the other songs as well, and co-composed a few others with talented friends; J. Howle (XRAY EYES & QUESTIONS) and W. Hutchins (OWN).

James Aaron co-wrote the lyrics with Philip Meade on some of the songs and was the solo lyrical writer on the songs OWN and QUESTIONS.

The compositions feature strong, effective melodies, written in both minor and major keys, sometimes with some dissonant intervals as well, which draw in the listener, offering just the right support for the message and mood of each song.

The umph and drive of Judah First's music is provided by a variety of precise, driving rhythms, courtesy of the ensemble guitar work by Philip Meade & Keyth Harkleroad and Chris Rosenstone's well done drums.

Chris Rosenstone has all the characteristics of a great drummer. He provides not only a steady beat, using appropriate dynamics, but effectively guides the others through tempo changes, never drowning out the guitars or vocals; always providing an underlying support.

Together, the three of them, Philip Meade & Keyth Harkleroad & Chris Rosenstone offer not only momentum to keep the songs flowing / pumping along, but also provide strong counter melody / chordal support for the main melodies carried mainly by the strong, expressive, sometimes emotional vocals provided by James Aaron.

James Aaron brings an inspiring musical force to the lead vocals, bringing the right vocal nuance needed to express the just the right vocal quality needed for each song. James Aaron has the pipes and breath control to propel and carry the main vocals and melody over the most strong counter melody being played by the guitars. Furthermore, one notices the very interesting range of James Aaron's vocals; from high energy, emotional to soft and plaintive, which are always clear in diction and even on key, despite the vocal style required for the particular song!

Everyone of these nine songs are uniquely impressive, making good use of dynamics and tempo changes, often in the same song. This reviewer was wowed with the quality of the band's musicianship, especially the talented guitar players, Philip Meade and Keyth Harkleroad, who are always together, playing as one unit, no matter what difficult rhythm or counter melody that are playing for their particular guitar part (bass or regular guitar), providing sharp, precise driving guitar work. They play a variety of dotted notes, driving 16th & 32nd notes, which fly at times in intensity, sometimes in a syncopated rhythm. WOW!

Also fascinating are the flawless musical segues within the songs which flow / sometimes jump immediately from one difficult rhythm sequence, to another equally difficult rhythm, which can also change in tempo as well. (They make it sound so easy.)

In between the verses in the musical interludes, the listener also is treated to inspiring electric guitar riffs, heavy metal jigs, creative, flawless musical segues mentioned above, qualities of heavy metal / hard rock which lovers of the hard rock and heavy metal genre really enjoy.

This reviewer highly recommends this CD to rock music / heavy metal lovers and to people with an open mind, who enjoy great music / musicianship. The messages of the songs apply to everyone, because as human beings, we all have to guard against complacency and to continue in our daily walk with our loving Lord, doing His will for our lives. We all need to keep our eyes on Jesus, despite life's distractions, temptations, so that we can withstand the not so nice influences surrounding us and the Spiritual warfare which is also present in our lives.

More about the Spiritual Truths / Themes in Songs

Messages in these songs explore aspects of spiritual warfare, and the consequences facing people because of the choices they make in how they live life; whether being a lukewarm Christian or being reluctant in accepting the gift of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Two songs which explore complacency and temptation are IDENTIFY and the title song, DEVIL"S DICE.

Philip Meade explains, "A song like IDENTIFY is warning the listener of being idle, while the title track, DEVIL'S DICE is a story of the dangerous temptation to play the devil's game and "throw his dice."

Jesus Christ is proclaimed to be the light, the way to overcome our sinful tendencies and the only one who saves us from the Prince of the air in this world, if we depend on Him, because He never leaves us. Spiritual warfare is real and we need to be on guard, no matter what age we are!

Keyth Harkleroad - Bass guitar

Specific Themes illustrated in Songs.

People who don't belong to Jesus yet are still under a judgment -Complacent Christians are also in danger of falling to sin. DEVIL'S DICE * X-RATED EYES

Jesus is our Lord and Savior, our way out of the power of sin - SPEAK TO ME * DEVIL'S DICE * LISTEN * PERFECT SKY

Sin causes pain to others - QUESTIONS * SHE'LL NEVER TELL

Jesus is our weapon in our Spiritual warfare with Evil - OWN

Don't be A lukewarm Christian - Show your choice through action - IDENTIFY

Chris Rosenstone on drums


* * * + + SPEAK TO ME - Music by Philip Mead & Words by Philip Mead and James Aaron

Fourth favorite song of this reviewer. A confessional prayer hymn of a person who realizes he is in need of repentance and forgiveness, and turns back to the Lord, done with energy, zing, and drive in a composition which offers a variety of well played rhythms, heart-felt guitar riffs, dynamic vocals, a poignant melodies in both the verses and chorus and lyrical message that touches the heart. James Aaron does such a good job presenting this prayer hymn in hard rock form

What a terrific way to start off this album! This song offers a lot to the listener, setting a poignant prayer hymn to a musical composition which cooks making good use of the talent of the band members who play as a tight, focused unit. The driving rhythms, tempo and melody direction changes smoothly initiated by well played segues and interludes, finally taking the listener on a wild ride through the guitar riff, played by Philip Meade, which is nicely supported by the underlying driving bass part.

Begins with a disonant bang using drum beats and disonant guitar -played intervals for 3 measures which segues into a driving, fast paced rhythm of eighth note rests interspersed with eighth note rhythm, supported by driving 16th note bass part, courtesy of Keyth Harkleroad, which segues yet again into a fast paced 16th note pattern of notes, which support the main vocals and melody.

Scriptural References: (Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:15-16, Galations 5:16, James 4: 7-10)


Come go with me / All that we see / Perpetrates and generates a sinners fall. Growing weary / Full of envy / What does it take to finally break the world's law

Don't be deceived / By what I see / Association with your hands explains it all Why not try me / Don't deny me / Open my heart and let me hear Your call

Chorus: Could it be in my time of need / it seems / that I stand alone / No indication, reputation from the seeds I've sown / I'm on my knees with my disease / Can't see, where did I go wrong / Speak to me, Speak to me



* * * + + IDENTIFY - Words and Music by Philip Meade

A hard rock anthem with a strong melody, solid guitar work, edgy vocals and a driving beat, sure to please hard rock lovers! The introduction jumps right into the 16th note driving rhythm, which establishes the counter melody in the first part of the verses (8 measures) and driving rock beat. Second half of the verses guitar work supports melody directly. Great drum and guitar buildup to the chorus. Love the musical exchange in the Bridge.

Vocals are in the hard rock style; edgy, raspy and strong, perfectly executed!

Guitars play the melody along with the vocals in both the Chorus, and the Hook. Most enjoyable interludes, featuring musical variations based on melody.

Scriptural References: (Rev.3:15-16, Romans 12:11, Hebrews 7:27, James 1:22-25 & 2:14-17)


Draw the line/ Silent steps sublime / Before the dawn of the rising sun/ Invades the night/ Rehearse your current alibi /

Chorus: Hypnotize, common sighs, beautify / The spotlight, endless nights, of denial

Change your mind / Not a day goes by /Before the dawn of the rising sun/ Invades the night/ Rehearse your current alibi /

Bridge: You must choose a side / You must choose a side / You must choose a side And identify!!!!


Hook: What is the purpose of your pride / Internal spirit homicide / Control committed bona fide / Who will you be today, Identify!!!



Replay of main melody 8 measures / ends with beginning 16 note rhythm.

* * * + + DEVIL'S DICE - Words and Music by Philip Meade

A strong, energetic title song with a infectious, catchy melody, pumping rhythms, meaningful, real lyrics, which describe so well the consequences of what can happen during spells of spiritual resolve and / or unbelief.

Again, written in a minor key. Begins with a cooking eighth note / 16th note rhythm.- 8 measures. Continues into the first 8 measures of the verses, changes to a mix of melody support and rhythm. Chorus - guitars offer a lovely melodious counter melody which brightens up the main melody and vocals.

Vocals are strong, raspy, edgy, dynamic and show evidence of fine breath control. James has no problem singing difficult intervals which hit the higher octave. WOW!

Scriptural References:(Galations 6:7, Romans 6:6, John 8:34)


Back for more the story goes / How you've left us all behind / You crucified your only friend this time / What comes around still goes around / So I'll just wait till you're taken down

Chorus: Into the common, frigid place / Where you're running on thin ice / You dance beneath the puppet strings / But you still have to throw the Devil's Dice.

Artificial safety zone, it's not as cozy as you'd like/ The stakes are made, step up and toss your life. / A note to self, don't believe the hype / So I'll just wait for your sacrifice



Hook:Extend your hand / And take the dice / Don't have a choice / They're cheering for Your Compromise / What have you done?

* * * + LISTEN - Words and Music by Philip Meade

Starts on an ominous note in a minor key, two drum beats; then guitars join in after 2 measures, playing a dissonant interval rhythm using dotted quarter / 8th note rhythm for 8 measures, which segues into a slightly faster segment of dotted notes, a main counter melody which supports the main vocals and melody.

Vocals are sung in a slightly raspy, hard rock style, on key and strong and moderately emotional. James hits the high notes with no trouble at all.

Interesting interlude begins slow and deliberate, two drum beats, then guitars play a dissonant interval rhythm segues into a heavy metal 16th note jig, well played and precise! Segues back into main melody and rhythms, but ends on a drawn out whole note.

Scriptural References: (John 8:12 & 14:8, 2nd. Cor. 4:4-6, Romans 10:8-10)


How, do I fit in society? / It's dark, I can not see in front of me / Love, is just a faded memory / Are there no friends, is there not one who cares for me?

Chorus: You better listen / What do you want your life to be / It's in your hands / Are you too blind to see / The light ahead, leading you / Down a path, a path that's true.

You wonder why, kids no longer want to play / Try, listen to what He has to say / You start to cry, sadness rules the world today / Wake up, I know there is a better way



Tag You better listen / What do you want your life to be / It's in your hands / Are you too blind to see / The light ahead, leading you, leading you! You better listen / What do you want your life to be / It's in your hands / Are you too blind to see / The light ahead, leading you

Leading you... Leading you... Leading you...

* * * + + OWN - Music by Philip Mead and W. Hutchins. Words by James Aaron

Hang on for a wild, musical ride - Hard rock / heavy metal at its best!

Favorite song of this reviewer, a hopeful, hard rock anthem written in a minor key which really cooks with intensity, energy and drive in a quick 2 beat! Showcases the enormous talent of the band. I would love to see them play this song live or via video!

The phenomenal guitar work, which represents the dueling forces involved in Spiritual forces. Dueling electrical guitar riffs are really impressive; hard intervals played quickly with feeling and intensity, in 8th 16th 32nd notes, with a little syncopation thrown in! In the background, the other guitar continues the 16th note jig, to support the riff.

Begins with an absolutely smoking 32nd note intro played by guitars and drums, interspersed with dotted notes, precisely played together of course, kept on track by the steady beat of the drummer, Chris! Sounds like a battle call to war. Brings a sense of urgency of the seriousness of Spiritual warfare. Segues quickly into quick, precise highly energized, evenly played 16th notes / dotted notes.

All the way through the verses, the guitars play a driving counter melody, working together with each other and the drummer. Nice places with some harmony in interlude before 2nd verse.

Vocals by James are strong, and carry the infectious main melody and message in style pleasing to the listener. He is gifted with a wonderful voice and the ability to use it effectively.

Scriptural References: (Ephesians 6:10-18, John 8:12, 1 John 3:18, Hebrews)


What you see here right before you is not uncommon / In the Mirror you will find you own the same / I am Battle worn and weary, There's no cover and I'm too wet to come in from the rain / Feel my pain

Chorus: Carry! This cross of mine!! / The blood stains of war aren't hard to find / They heal the blind

In the noise of the battle great destruction / No protection and you're standing all alone / You are battle worn and weary seeking cover / And now you see, the light / And now you see, the light that Leads the way

You are Battle worn and weary He's your Cover!! / Now you see the light that lights the way / DON'T DELAY !!!!


* * * + + PERFECT SKY - Music by Philip mead & Words by Philip Meade and James Aaron

2nd Favorite song of this reviewer. A well done rock anthem proclaiming the hope we have in Jesus, now and when we go home to be with Him. Our struggles, and challenges we face in this life are bearable because the Lord never leaves us.

Great use of dynamics. Intro begins with a guitar playing a staccato dotted eighth note rhythm which establishes beat and support counter melody and melody. Dynamics in both vocals and musical support grow nicely to the chorus. Drums are steady, and help guide the others into the quick tempo changes

During 2nd verse, guitars quiet down to staccato rhythm in intro, supporting the vocals . Swell again in chorus, where Guitars provide strong support for melody

End of second time through Chorus, nice quick change into Victory Jig is a joyous sound with two changes of rhythm and tempo flawlessly executed; straight 16th notes and then followed by quick tempo of dotted eighth notes, all played with enthusiasm, drive! Tempo changes yet again through last run through Chorus.

James Aaron begins softly / in vocals, in a smooth style and follows the dynamics set in the musical composition, revving up to full volume, changing vocal style to match.

Scriptural References:( Rev. 21: 1-14, 2nd Cor. 4: 8-10, 16-18 )


Ignore all the vindication / Reverse deterioration / The story of real salvation / In the middle of a constant confrontation / Seeps in the radiation / Shoot in my medication

Bridge 1: But I saw the signs / And I know this time /

The text of a special somewhere / Tells of a perfect home where /Tears will never fall there/ In the middle of a constant confrontation/ Heard of a revelation /Here comes determination

Bridge: But I saw the signs / And I know this time / That I just won't let go /No, I just won't let go

Chorus: Till You take me to that perfect sky / Where's there's hope in life and dreams never die / Hold on tight, the end is now in sight / Perfect Sky

And now that my war is no more / It's time that I walk through the door / Into a place that's for sure / At the end of a constant confrontation / Remove all the hesitation / Enter my destination.

Bridge: But I saw the signs / And I know this time / That I just won't let go /No, I just won't let go

Chorus: Till You take me to that perfect sky / Where's there's hope in life and dreams never die / Hold on tight, the end is now in sight / Perfect Sky REPEAT

Victory Jig!


* * * + X-RATED EYES - Music by Philip Meade & J. Howle, Words by Philip Meade

Quite a musical mix, composition wise, making it quite interesting to listen to and review. Philip Meade & J. Howle created the most rhythmically complicated, tempo changing composition with melodies to go along which changes the musical direction at least three times, interjecting elements of blues and soul in the soaring guitar riffs.

Verses are played somewhat majestically, anthem-like, which offers a very nice contrast to the other moods set in various sections of this song.

Very nice harmony in the Chorus, supported by a combination of chordal support and pumping 16th notes.

Scriptural References:(Romans 12:2, 2nd Cor. 4:3-4, James 4: 4)


Color blind / The absence of a nation's mourning / We're late on time / The seconds click toward our destruction / With our eyes / Another viewing of corruption

As you pray / Where will your eyes take your soul today?/

Change of tempo / musical direction 1

Chorus: I wonder what is lost that we could find / If we looked without x-rated eyes

Magnify / The lenses of a focused vision/ As you pray / Where will your eyes take your soul today?

Change of tempo / musical direction 1

I wonder what is lost that we could find / If we looked without x-rated eyes

Change of tempo / musical direction 2 (Builds into guitar interlude)

Guitar interlude - precise eight note rhythm intermixed with 16th NOTE, ends with plus short soulful, guitar riff

Tag: Recognize The enemy has his own painting/ As you pray/ Where did your eyes take your soul today?

Interlude plus short soulful, guitar riff

Change of tempo / musical direction 1

I wonder what is lost that we could find / If we looked without x-rated eyes / REPEAT

Change of tempo / musical direction 3 / Up a few notches. Ends with a sizzling jig with a dynamic electric guitar riff, an exclamation point to the song!

* * * + + SHE'LL NEVER TELL - Music and Words by Philip Meade

This hard rock ballad about child abuse bluntly spells out the result of evil unchecked - Christians need notice and stand against evil, or it will grow, and consume the innocent.

Third favorite song of this reviewer. As is customary in ballads, the song's melody and lyrics are the focal point of the composition. Love the catchy melody written in a minor key and real lyrics brought strongly to life by the expressive vocals, in an easy 4 beat rhythm. Guitars play background ominous doted note rhythm which swell to progressive chordal support in the chorus, until the interlude in-between the chorus and 2nd verse. The guitars jump into a quick, driving 16th note jig, played evenly, interspersed with a dotted note pattern, which makes it interesting. The interlude conveys the desperation and sense of urgency felt by this abuse victim, leading up to her desperate action.

Scriptural References: (Ephes. 5:10-14, Psalm 141:4)


Sweet girl behind the door / It's locked this time for sure/ The footsteps on the floor/ Coming back for more/ That look is in his eyes/ He wears a new disguise/ She's in the corner/ Prays for another life

CHORUS 1: She'll never tell/ She'll never tell/ She'll never tell no one/ She'll never tell / Of all the ways he likes to have his fun/ She knows the devil well/ He doesn't live in hell/ She'll never tell / She'll never tell

Interlude -

Another day of pain / Some things will never change/ She's at the mirror/ Wearing blood and blame/ He hugs his wife goodbye/ She doesn't see the lies/ Her daughter knows the / Blind don't hear the cries


It's time to end her plight/ A gun is in her sight / The shot remembers / All those sleepless nights / And now he's on the floor/ He lost this time for sure/ And no one heard the / Sound behind the door

Chorus 2: He'll never tell / He'll never tell/ He'll never tell no one/ He'll never tell / Of all the ways he likes to have his fun/ He knows the devil well / Opened the gates of hell / He'll never tell / He'll never tell .

* * * + QUESTIONS - Music by Philip Meade & J. Howle and Words by J. Aaron

Perfect song to end this fine CD. A hard rock / heavy metal leaning ballad which draws the listener to evaluate own behaviors and attitudes, inspiring changes which would please not disappoint the Lord.

Begins in a flowing, contemplative, mournful tune, broken chord electrical guitar playing an acoustic part, which reflects the pain and hurt caused by another human being. Vocals are sad, smooth, very melodious. It also reflects how disappointed the Lord is when we sin. This first section offers great contrast to the next section where the smooth vocals turn into a scream on the last word of the first verse, "YOU!!"? Interesting segue into a heart-pumping, driving electrical guitar pounding rhythms, and vocals which jump up about 3 levels from being sad to showing frustration and anger- great hard rock / heavy metal music to end this CD with an exclamation point!

Philip Meade comments,"The song, QUESTIONS is an awareness of how another person has disappointed them, and that in turn leads to their realization that their live has been disappointing to God. They have been all talk while behind closed doors, they could care less - 'confidential black.' At the end of the song, this person challenges the listener to also examine their own lives - "now it's your turn to ask the questions why."

Scriptural References:( James 3:14-16 & 4:1-6, 7-10, Ephes 5:29-32, Col 3: 5-10)


How many times must I try, before I break through?/ How many lies must I fight before I trust you? / How many words, must I hide, before I know you? /How many tears, must I cry, before I see you?

Return to sender / It's coming back / You've Seen Through my façade / The Confidential black

The Realization / Of Things not Seen / To Rediscover how / I Give you Everything

So many Questions / Now things must change / No answers can be found / The Fraud Carries The chains

Now It's your turn, to ask the questions why / Now It's your turn, your turn, to mentally die / Turn a face about / your soul starts to crouch / Words of death stop coming from your Lying Mouth / And you try to say that you didn't lie / Now you ask yourself, ask yourself, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To see Judah First perform DEVIL'S DICE, visit their web-site: www.judahfirst.com

Reviewed by Julie Carr, for ChristianMusic.com

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