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The Songs' Lyrical Messages - PRETTY AND THE PLAIN

The lyrical messages of the variety of songs presented so well revolve around the main theme: the freedom and redemption we have in Jesus Christ, exploring not only the qualities of Jesus, but also the different aspects of  our spiritual walk;the evolving nature of human faith, trust, dependence, obedience and love as it pertains to developing a closer relationship with Jesus.

Songs of Testimony; Being thankful and filed with gratitude for what Jesus does for us and who He is in our lives.

Title Song: The Pretty and the Plain - Explores the life-changing experience of accepting Jesus on a personal level, and the joyous gratitude felt by the believer who has evolved to a more personal relationship with Jesus, being changed on so many levels.

YOU TOLD ME SO: An anthem which rejoices in some of the important promises made by the Lord to us.

WHERE I LAND - No matter the storm we are experiencing, we can depend on the Lord to be there with us, as a friend, comforter and encourager who strengthens us as we become closer to him.

Evolving in our awareness of the Lord - Songs about changing emotionally, growing in faith and seeking the Lord.

GROW - Evolving as a human being - Expressing feelings and even crying is a needed release in human beings which allows us to grow emotionally and spiritually as we share with the Lord our thoughts and emotions.

FLY AWAY - Yearning to grow closer in the Lord, being free from anything which stands in the way of our relationship with Him -

Explore who Jesus is to us; His character, His love and His purpose for us in learning to serve Him.

SMALL -Trying to put the Lord in a small box of convenience, like wearing a necklace - Keeping faith in the comfort zone.

LITTLE THINGS - Little things we do for others show love and make a difference.

Through the highs and lows of being a human being in this world, the Lord cares about our situation.
Relationships: JJ Heller and team capture the emotional highs and lows experienced in marriage.
TONIGHT - Emotional High: Beginning of a marriage - Head over heels in love on wedding day, a young bride expresses the joyous love felt for her beloved, as they dance at their wedding reception.

WHY IS IT COLDER? - Emotional Low: - A difficult time in a marriage. For some unknown reason, their love relationship is in trouble as one spouse has retreated into his own world of needs and wants, forgetting/ignoring his beloved's emotional needs.

Songs of petition: Asking the Lord to help in difficulties, while expressing faith in the Lord's promises.

HAVE MERCY ON ME - Asking Jesus for relief of intense emotional pain, fear and panic.

WHEN YOU COME BACK TO ME - Prayer hymn - Petitioning the Lord for healing of hurts, brokenness, and guidance; giving us wisdom and discernment. Song holds onto His promise that our wordly troubles aren't going to last forever, but will end when He will comes back and gets us at the end of our lives.

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