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Themes Found in the Songs: ON THE LEFT

Derrick has shared his insights of his own trials and tribulations in being a servant of Christ, expressing situations that we all can relate to in our own lives, as our human nature often is the cause of troubles and difficulties experienced in this world, as we try to follow Christ in obedience and love.

Themes of these songs explore the pot holes, snares, and difficulties Christians inevitably experience in one form or another in their efforts to walk with the Lord, following His will.

Following Jesus isn't always easy! Because of our tendancy to to the wrong thing, it is easy to get off track, slip back into self-gratification, take control, ahead of the Lord's timing, even turning to idol crutches in our lives.

PIGEON SONG - song of confession - Petition, for help to get back onto the right path in God's will.  Derrick explores what happens when humans go their own way, apart from God's will.

Derrick Harris: "It seems God must break our legs in order to make us dependent on Him. The reality is we are always dependent on God for everything. But it is during those broken-legged times that we realize it."

"My heart is cold /my face is warm/ i'm a tempid fool / yeah/ why don't you spit me out? / I'm a crown on your head/ I'm a sword in your side of treasury/ But/ still /the fact is You love me/ Every time I turn away, You keep me running on my knees/ through faith, I 'll make my way/ through faith You will pave the road/ God in me//"

I'm drowning in Your love/ which way do i go/ ? You tell me who to be/ tell me Lord/ cause I just don't know anymore / anymore/ And I cannot find your will /"

SUNDAY - People experiencing turmoil in their lives can get off track easily. Explores examples of three hurting people who find temporary comfort in temporary fixes, instead of being open to God's healing love, as well as some personal revelations - Pride and temporary crutches get in the way.

"10 Am/ A Christian goes to church to write his check/ so he can go back to his life that's such a wreck/ who knows/ Maybe all his giving will return to him/ And save him from his sin//"

"I said Wait/ Hold On!/ Everything that I ever loved was wrong/ I see/ There's a pharasee in every single part of me/ Don't know whyWe've created this machine, and we've thrown the truth away/ What do you say?"//

"Run away! /oh yeah!/ You've got to put your pride away / cause there's more to this wave and a Sunday"//

ONLY THE FOOLS SURVIVE - A song of complete surrender to the Lord, asking to be used again by the Lord.

"Surrender is the word for me/ I'm always hiding my hands/ Covering up my eyes/ Speaking with my smile / Still I keep my hands to myself/ Won't you claim them back?"/

REFRAIN: "Cause I can't be alone / Never will I try / The good in me/well its only the bad in me that's disguised/ So take me as I am/ And never will You lie/ It's seems to me that only the fools will survive."/

Even when we focus on the path that the Lord has led us to in our lives, there are no guarrantees that the path will always be smooth and without storms or bumps along the way.

ON THE LEFT - TITLE Song - Standing up for beliefs - not worrying about what others think /  Realizing what is important in life - love of spouse, and a relationship with God!

"Got three on the left and three on the right/ Me I'm in the middle and I can't change a thing/
There's three who know and there's three who don't / Me I'm in the middle and I can't change a thing/
All this weight /it crashes my head around inside/And the sun shines through the window/
I better quit, better shut it up and/ go /back /to my business/but why  am I the one who can't?"

"I'm not going to give a single moments worth of worry, to the things they say about me/ you know they don't excite me/Cause you my dear are the only one that I've ever really loved."/

"And the stars won't shine / but there's the two of us/ Things can only get better and better and better and better /Cause I know /that you were made for me."/

"I'm going to single it up, I'm going to shout it aloud, until everybody knows my name / I'm going to plaster it up,  I'm going to splatter it down, until everybody hates my name (WHAT?)."/ 

RAIN IN FALLING- Facing bumps in the road - Discouragement and struggle in one's calling.

"Rain is falling upon my back / The Rain is falling upon my back / Said, the Rain is falling upon back / I just can't believe that this would be / the pathway for me// I watch them come and  watch them go / Life seems so easy/ or maybe its something I've lost/Everybody's leaving/ I know it ain't that bad/ Could they be showing me the things I'll never have?/ Or is it no /Cause it is only in my dreams."/

THERE'S A LIFE FOR ME- Explore the struggles in life, but extorts the ideal of living life for change and light, starting by dying to the old self, and living in Christ.

  "Well, everybody take a gander/ as its all laid out on the floor/ Or maybe I can sweep it / Or maybe I should've listened more/ No/no/no......"

"I'm glad this night is over/ Its been like a trip to hell and back again/ but I'm glad that I'm back again/
But It tells me to remember/that I don't want my life to be no broken leg/ No"

"I can feel now / there's a life for me / there's a life for me/ Yeah/ Oh Now I can clear my head/ there's a life for me / there's a life for me/and it starts in the grave"//

I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU - Being faithful to the Lord's calling, despite the human factors that can discourage the will of the believer.

"They can call my bluff/ they can call my name/ But I will be here for you/ And if their tone of voice/ doesn't make me want to sing my song/ Well, I will be here for You."//

"So you tell me there's a road to take/ That leads to something right/Well, who's the author of this right?/ Oh won't You/ lead me/ If you know there's something better/  than living day by day/ with no more worries what you say??"

"Well the rain is going to fall/And the sun is going to shine/ And the black is going to fade away/ I will be here for You."/

Derrick explores how the Lord has helped him through these adventures in faith, exposing the glorious characteristics of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus as a source of encouragement and strength, depending on Him:

I WILL GET BY - Stepping out in faith, living a life for change, assaulting the world of pain - despite struggles with self and secular culture.

"Yeah, Am I swimmin' again on my own?/ Treading water between pleasure and pain/ Yeah, Yeah/ well there's a cancer that's killing us all/ I know the answer but I can't to the soul/ So I just lay here in my straightjacket bed for my soul/ I find my comfort in all the lies that I tell now/ And its quite refreshing to believe/ that I'm a light in a hall/ All this emptiness, and the planes are on the floor now."/

 "Life / filling it up to a brim again/ I'm livin' my life for change/ And I will/ get by/ Oh shine / I'm givin' a life for loneliness / And I'm assaulting a world of pain/ And I will/ get by/ Oh come on life, i said I'm fill'in it up to the brim again/ I'm livin' my life for change/ And I will/ get by."/

SEND ME ON MY WAY - Fear of change and loss, struggling to trust the Lord - a new door and a new road.

Asking for renewal, cleansing of sin, and a new heart, bolstered by faith and hope in the Lord.

A different road stands before me/ a different one than the one I've known / and a different fear lives inside me/ And its killing all I' know/ so many tears when I'm on my knees/ I've given up / will I ever be set free//

Before I fall well its always clear to me / the door that I'm walking in/ when I fall, well it makes me wonder if I ever did begin// to Trust the One that i claim to be in/ Although my heart never stop believin'/ Well, its back to the rut that I hated/ Oh,  how well it makes me see//

Time is for me/ Walk beside the ocean or swim in the sea/  The life and the breeze/ Stolen away by disease/ Send me on my way/ Send me on my way/ Send me on my way/ Send me on my way//

Won't You take this wretched rag i am/ Won't You Wash and make me clean again / won't you pick me up and set me on my feet ,yeah/Cause this life I live, I live in shame/ and its As if I never knew your name or your pain?/ If I've forgot what all you've done for me/

SET ME FREE AGAIN-Petition for renewed strength to follow faith beliefs, to understand what to do about pain in this world and for others to be set free with the truth about the Lord. Jesus answers the believer's questions.

"Can all these things/ Really be in my world? / And all of these burdens gone?/ Not so sure that I believe this anymore/ But the things / that I see// There's this child with all these blisters/ There's a man who loves a man who loves a woman/ but a little birdie landed/ a foot away from me/It seems/ that there is always pain."//

"Set me free again/ Set me free/Set me free again/ Oh, this circumstance, its away."

Bridge: "Crystal place/ in rogue water / bodies that walk with the gait of your name/ Here I stand/ How much longer til I can see the light of your face?"

(Jesus responds): "I'll be a light in the darkness/ I'll be a lamp for You/ I'm here to deliver a message/ but You must heed my call/ I am a city sat on a hill / I know the hope that you need! Please don't turn your back while there's still time/ Please don't turn your back while there's still time! * * *