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Your Will

I wish I could tell You just what I want, And You'd give it to me just like that. The truth of the matter. What I want just might hurt me. And You won't let me go out like that. You know my end before my beginning. Calculated blessings down to the penny.

So I'll cry 'til You tell me let it go let it be. Cause oh Lord, Your will is what's best for me.

No rubies, and no Diamonds, no silver or no pearls. There are some lessons that I had to learn. That I would not trade in for this world. You told me that trials, Only come to make me strong. And with this You promised, You promised never to leave me alone. Chorus

Bridge: Lead vocal (Darius):
Oh, Your word is true ....(Choir: Your word is true) Lead: And it will last...(And it will last) Lead: You will guide the future...(You will guide the future) Lead: Just as You have the past..(As You have the past).

My Lordy, One of these old days, I'm gonna have just what I want, 'Cause I'm gonna trust You every step of the way. And You're gonna lead me all the way home. Chorus

Your word is true And it will last. You will guide the future as You have the past.

There were times that I could not see, But I know that I know that I know it's so. You love me more, You love me more, Than I'll ever know. Chorus.

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