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Queen For A Day

Lyrical Sample

A puddle for a mirror, admiring the dress that is dragging on the ground, so pleased with how she has put herself together, a plastic hand bag, the two left shoes, and the floppy hat she found in the garbage, she cleans off the dirt, for a moment she forgets to hurt

Chorus: She's Queen for a day, she holds her head high, her crown is her hope, her robe is her pride, her spirit is strong to dig up this road, she is the Queen for a day.

Early next morning, she watches her brother go off to school, and wonders what its like to watercolor, or read from a book that is not just pictures and picture girls who never are hungry, have blankets, and a bed, with that picture in her head.....Chorus

With her floppy hat on, with faith in her heart, no one can tell her that she's not the Queen for a day...

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