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The Ceili Rain NO YOU - NO ME CD Review


Mission Statement, as stated by Bob Halligan, song writer, lead vocalist: "The most important thing about Ceili Rain is that our music celebrates life. This music strikes a deep chord in people, because it derives from a collective yearning people have for God, for spirituality, for home, for togetherness. These songs are written to be inclusive and inviting-anyone who wants some joy out of life is apt to like them. We are not here to serve a particular group of people. The joy, laughter and sense of fellowship that's felt at our shows is geared to everyone-all are welcome in this place."

NO YOU - NO ME is Ceili Rain's fourth CD, a wonderful spiritual testimony which is yet another inspired addition to their spirit-inspired body of musical compositions created over the years. Over the past six years, Ceili Rain has become "one of the most critically acclaimed bands to emerge out of Nashville."

Through his songs, Bob Halligan "speaks to the listener's heart, mind, and soul," says Phil Smith, music director at WJTL Lancaster, PA. "He is a wordsmith and tells parables of faith rarely found in today's songwriters."

This reviewer couldn't agree more with the above statement; Halligan truly speaks to the listener's heart, mind, and soul, as he sings about the Christian spiritual truths that he finds at work in his own life, his dependence on his relationship with the Lord. The lyrics are supported by spiritual values that are important to Halligan and people of faith, and can be inspiring to those who are seeking faith.

On NO YOU -NO ME CD, you will find uplifting, snappy, and poignant songs testifying to the power and love of the Lord, His goodness, faithfulness, and the need we have to depend on him to give us the power through the Holy Spirit to love one another as Jesus loved us, spreading the Lord's love to those who need it, who in turn may find joy and peace in the Lord.

ceili rain review

Detailed Review Sample of some of the Songs:

"A HUNDRED SMILES AN HOUR" - A favorite of this reviewer - Celtic dance style music that starts off with a snappy straight Celtic march drum snare, with the Celtic instruments joining in with syncopated dance Irish tune. The snare turns into a hard rock beat after 5 stanzas, but temporarily disappears during the chorus. When the vocals come in, the musical tune complements the melody which is carried by of the vocals.

A unique praise song, that explains the joy one feels when empowered by the Holy Spirit to do a ministry for the Lord. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves doing things we never thought we could do. (Romans 8:2 and Galations 5: 22-23). When the Lord asks us to become involved in something, he always empowers us to complete the task, if we rely on Him. (Philippians 1:5-6)

Lyrical Sample: I ran from my house, all the way to your house, But I swear I don't care, sunshine or rain, nothing can make me slow down on the way. Nothing can stop this hold you have on me.

Chorus: You've got me doin', a hundred smiles an hour, a thousand times a day, there's a million bolts of your power, pulsing through my veins. May it always be like this, all the rest of my days. Hay!

"EVERYBODY CLAP FOR EVERYBODY" - Nice symbol, electric piano intro, then full Celtic band with rock beat, with few electric guitars added to this unique mixture, in the musical interlude, just before the third verse. A real toe tapper, HIGH ENERGY, rousing praise song! (Verse 3 refers to the events on 9/11)

The message of this song reminds me of Ephesians 4:29;32 and Hebrews 10:24-25.

Lyrical Sample: 1)Well that's my boy, he's wearing #12, well its such a shame, last Tuesday's game he didn't do so well. From the other team, # 9 is his best friend. Well, win, lose or draw I pray that they will be friends in the end.

Chorus: So everybody clap for everybody, Everybody cheer for everyone, Everybody clap for everybody, yeah, yeah the game is won.

Transitional hook: Everybody clap, everybody, everybody. Everybody clap, everybody, everybody,everybody clap, everybody!

3) Well Winston Word, he votes Democrat, his gal Megan Quin is Republican, she don't go for that. One horrible day, something happened that made the differences seem so small, that love stands up, all for one and one for all!

"EVERYTHING GOOD IS YOU" - A heartfelt melodious song of gratitude and testimony sung prayerfully to the Lord, praising him for His love, compassion, strength, mercy, and His ability to empower us in in our journey to become more Christ-like, if we seek, ask, and depend on Him.

The music has a melodious Celtic- gospel style feel to it. I enjoyed the lovely intro, with shimmering symbols, flute, violin, and piano. Simple Piano accompanies the vocals with the verses. Chorus: has violin, flute with piano, light drums. Vocals are expressive and touching, well done by Bob Halligan.

Lyrical Sample: Everything good in me, is You, everything I should be, is you. All the unbridled glee streaming through, everything good is You. All this hope I have, is You, Where I go when I'm sad, is You. What you say is automatically true, everything good, is You.

Everything strong in me is You, All that belongs in me, Is You. Your wisdom that is old, make me knew, Everything good is You. Everything brave in me, is You, Everything saved in me is You, All the love that comes crashing through, everything good is you.

Chorus: Everybody is searching for the truth. We say it isn't clear, hardly ever near, barely even here, but here it is.....

"PING PONG" - We love because the Lord first loved us. (1 John 4:19). His love is infectious and transforming. (Ephesians 3:17b - 19) It is inspiring, with the ability to empower us to reach out to others in His will, sharing God's love and the gospel of Jesus with others. (Galations 5: 22-23)

Another favorite of this reviewer! I describe it as being another lively, high energy, joyful tune of praise, featuring the full Irish band, and syncopated rhythm, which is all tied together with strong rock beat.

Lyrical Sample: Well, I had an idea that I didn't have, until you gave it to me, boy you gave it to me good! I had a lot of love that I didn't have, until you gave it to me, like everybody says you would. And you did, now it's my.... turn to give.

Chorus: Watch love go ping pong, You to me, me to You, You to me. It goes ping pong, me to You, You to me, me to You. So sing a song joyfully, from the Ivory Coast to the Zider Zee, we go ping pong, me to You, You to me, me to You.

I have a big heart that I didn't have, until you gave it to me, until you showed me how to care. There are so many things that I didn't have, until you gave them to me, until you made me want to share, who I am, I knew I could, now I can!

"NO YOU - NO ME" - This title song is another beautiful, stirring ballad, celebrating how much we need God's love in our lives. Music: Blends beautifully with the vocals which carry the tune, with Celtic instrument/ piano background chords, and counter melody.

This song tells the story of a young man who leaves his beloved Bridget to go to another land, despite her pleading that "without you there is no me." He discovers the Lord in a bookstore from a clerk that witnesses to him. He discovers his dependence on God's love, mirrors a relationship in his life.

Lyrical Sample: 2) Johnny lands on foreign shores, eager to be born anew. Walks into an old book store, and the clerk says I've got a tale for you. About a man who sets off for for Nepal, to seek the meaning of it all, His teacher said, child, here's the key: You Must Bow to God, and say faithfully......

Chorus: No You, no me, no water, than there's no sea, without your love I'll cease to be, No You, no me.

Johnny says: This God, He reminds me of someone...if I were to crave Him, I'll probably crave Him, like someone I left behind. Bridget, Have I lost my mind? Johnny make the journey home, praying Bridget still may care, he sees through the window that she is alone, when he reaches the door, she is standing there. He said that I prayed to this God that I met, who listened awhile and led me here, tell her what you told me. Bridget, that I had to leave to see...

Chorus: No You, no me, no water, then there's no sea, without your love I'll cease to be, No You, no me.

"QUEEN FOR A DAY" - Another favorite song of this reviewer, that really touched my heart. The song reminds us that we need to show God's love to others in need by giving of ourselves and our resources. (1 John 4: 7-8) and (Galations 6:9-10). It also reminds me of the teachings of Jesus found in Matthew 25:34-36.

Stirring arrangement of piano, Irish flute, violin, strings, interesting Celtic rhythms; ballad form. Expressive vocals, with some nice harmony. Nice use of dynamics in music and vocals.

A poignant, heart-breaking picture of a very poor, but resilient little girl, who lacks basic necessities of life but does her best to keep her chin up, hang onto her hope, with faith in her heart....

Starts off with solemn, soft piano chords, setting the somber mood of the song. Chorus has Celtic sounds, interesting rhythms with light snare in the background.

Lyrical Sample: A puddle for a mirror, admiring the dress that is dragging on the ground, so pleased with how she has put herself together, a plastic hand bag, the two left shoes, and the floppy hat she found in the garbage, she cleans off the dirt, for a moment she forgets to hurt

Chorus: She's Queen for a day, she holds her head high, her crown is her hope, her robe is her pride, her spirit is strong to dig up this road, she is the Queen for a day.

Early next morning, she watches her brother go off to school, and wonders what its like to watercolor, or read from a book that is not just pictures and picture girls who never are hungry, have blankets, and a bed, with that picture in her head.....Chorus

With her floppy hat on, with faith in her heart, no one can tell her that she's not the Queen for a day....

"LIVE LIKE A KING" - A personal faith song, expressing Bob Halligan's heart-felt desire to live like Jesus would, to become more and more like Him. A beautiful song, with strong vocals, nice musical accompaniment of piano, Irish instruments, light rhythm in background. Again, it has nice dynamics, starting soft and building to the finale.

Lyrical Sample:

1) My thirst for the things of this earth, isn't quenched by diamonds and pearls. One man lived the life that I want, He's the one they said ruled the world. Though he only wore a crown of thorns, and He never owned a thing.

Chorus: I want to live like a King, I want to live like a King, and my decree it will reign, love will rule everything, I want to live like a King.

2) This King did the strangest of things, He befriended the sick and the poor. There was no one too wrong, too right, too black too white for him to love, put up no walls or left unopened doors... There is just such power, healing power is everything that he says, in every deed that he did.

"I LOVE YOU" ALWAYS WORKS. - Reaching out in love to others can build walls of support, trust and spiritual connectedness that lasts, creating lives and situations that benefit everyone and please the Lord.

Another energetic song to encourage people of faith that has an easy rock beat with a lively Celtic tune, expressive vocals, with nice harmony in parts.

Lyrical Sample:

There's a buzz across this nation, you can feel it shake the walls, like Jimmy Stewart when he yells, Hello, Bedford Falls! People want to reach each other, build up trust brick by brick, the right stones and the right mortar will make it stick, saying...

Chorus: "I love you," always works, It gets them every time. I love you, is what to do if you want to see them shine. What you do, becomes true so I love you is what I do for thee, me, and mine.

Julie Carr - Reviewer for ChristianMusic.com

SOURCES INCLUDE: ceili rain, and Frank Lewis.

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