Band Of Brothers Lyrics -

Clayton And Harlow

Clayton and Harlow - were the best of friends If one had a bottle - the other would get his share. You'd see 'em on the corner - down the alley way And if you caught them sober - this is what they'd say:

Chorus: Don't ask them for a nickel - when you can ask them for a dime. Walk right up to 'em - Look 'em dead in the eye. That's how you panhandle - that's how you get along./ In this great big world - in this little town.

Clayton and Harlow - were two of life's gentle souls. They'd carry their troubles - no matter how heavy their load. Some called them hoboes - some called them tramps Those of us who knew them well - knew God had other plans.


In this great big world - in this little town. Kings can have diamonds - princes can have their pearls. Some of those we call beggars - will have the best of it in the next world. It's all in the disposition - how we carry our soul. As we walk through life's trials - no matter if we're rich or poor.


All lyrics copyrighted 2005 by Michael Scott Smith, used by permission. * * * *