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"Avalon" 1996

Avalon emerged in 1996 with this self-titled album packed full of four beautiful voices that blend and harmonize together to form the very powerful sound that they soon became so well known for. A favorite song of fans on this record is "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

1: Give It Up
2: This Love
3: The Greatest Story
4: Picture Perfect World
5: Don't Be Afraid
6: Here To Deliver
7: Let It Be Forever
8: My Jesus, I Love Thee
9: Saviour Love
10: Jesus Is Lord

"A Maze of Grace" 1997

Avalon's second release, A Maze of Grace, yeilded the longest running No. 1 Christian single of the 1990's and the 1999 Dove Award winner for Pop Song of the Year with "Testify to Love." Other hit songs include "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "Speed of Light," and "Adonai." This record recieved 4 1/2 stars on Amazon.com, based on 45 reviews.

1: Testify To Love *LYRICS*
2: A World Away *LYRICS*
3: A Maze Of Grace *LYRICS*
4: Knockin' On Heaven's Door *LYRICS*
5: Adonai *LYRICS*
6: Speed Of Light *LYRICS*
7: The Move *LYRICS*
8: Reason Enough *LYRICS*
9: Forgive & Forget *LYRICS*
10: Dreams I Dream For You *LYRICS*

"In A Different Light" 1999

This 1999 release marked the departure of Nikki Hassman and the addition of Cherie Paliotta. Another monster success, this album features "Can't Live a Day," "I'm Speechless," as well as the title cut. All 89 reviewers on Amazon.com give this album 5 stars.

1: Take You At Your Word
2: In Not Of *LYRICS*
3: In A Different Light *LYRICS*
4: Can't Live A Day *LYRICS*
5: Always Have, Always Will *LYRICS*
6: If My People Pray *LYRICS*
7: I'm Speechless *LYRICS*
8: Only For the Weak *LYRICS*
9: Let Your Love *LYRICS*
10: Hide My Soul *LYRICS*
11: First Love *LYRICS*

"Joy" 2000

1Joy (To The World)
2The Angels Medley
3Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
4Jesus Born On This Day
5Winter Wonderland
6Light A Candle
7Good News
8The Christmas Song
9Manger Medley
10We Are The Reason

"Oxygen" 2001

1Wonder Why
2The Best Thing
3By Heart, By Soul
4Undeniably You
5I Don't Want To Go
6Never Givin' Up


"O2" 2002

1My Oxygen
2Testify To Love *LYRICS*
3. Wonder Why
4The Best Thing
5In Not Of *LYRICS*
6Can't Live A Day *LYRICS*
7. A Maze Of Grace *LYRICS*
8. Speed Of Light *LYRICS*
9. Undeniably You
Make It Last Forever

"Testify To Love: Best Of Avalon " 2003

In 2003, this powerful quartet released their best of collection which includes "Testify to Love," "Adonai," and "Can't Live a Day."

1: Testify To Love *LYRICS*
2: Adonai *LYRICS*
3: Give It Up
4: The Greatest Story
5: Knockin' On Heaven's Door *LYRICS*
6: Take You At Your Word
7: Always Have, Always Will *LYRICS*
8: Can't Live A Day *LYRICS*
9: In Not Of *LYRICS*
10: The Glory
11: Wonder Why
12: I Don't Want To Go
13: New Day
14: Pray
15: Everything To Me

"The Creed " 2004

Despite the fact that only two founding members remain, the group proves to be as stable and as strong as ever with this Grammy nominated album. One particular fan on Amazon.com expresses that The Creed is a totally spiritual experience and that it has changed her life.

1: All
2: Far Away From Here
3: Abundantly
4: You Were There
5: I Wanna Be With You
6: Overjoyed
7: The Creed
8: I Bring It To You
9: Good Way
10: Renew Me

"Stand" 2006

1: The Other Side
2: Love Won't Leave You
3: Orphans Of God
4: Somehow You Are
5: Slowly
6: We Will Stand
7: Jesus
8: I Survive
9: When The Time Comes
10: Joy And Sorrow

"Faith: A Hymns Collection " 2006

1: On Christ The Solid Rock
2: Joyful Joyful
3: Great Is Thy Faithfulness
4: In Christ Alone
5: It Is Well
6: I'll Fly Away
7: Holy Holy Holy
8: Blessed Assurance
9: Jesus Medley
10: Joy And Sorrow
11: Amazing Grace
12: Total Grace
13: For Freedom

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